The Future of Targeted Email

Here at Klaviyo, we’ve been hitting some huge milestones lately:

  • We’re sending hundreds of millions of emails per month for amazing stores like Huckberry, MVMT Watches and Homage. Klaviyo’s being used by companies of all sizes – from those with billions in annual revenue to fast growing startups.
  • The Klaviyo team has grown rapidly on all fronts. As part of this, we’ve also moved into an amazing new office right next to Boston Common.
  • We’re preparing to launch some major new features around personalization, integrations and more.

This is just a glimmer of what’s to come. Email is an incredible tool for driving faster growth and sending the same newsletter to everyone won’t cut it. Over the new few weeks, keep your eyes open for some big developments. In the meantime, go ahead and sign-up for an account and you’ll see some of these new features in action.


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