Memorial Day Email Teardown

American flag with sun shining through to denote Memorial Day email

It’s hard to believe summer is already here! Over the long holiday weekend our team was flooded with different offers and promotions around Memorial Day sales. And earlier this month, Phil wrote about the different ways brands could make the most of their Memorial Day email campaigns.

While we’ve been having a blast tearing down the complete email strategy of brands like Society6 and, all these great Memorial Day emails seemed like an awesome opportunity to do a mini-teardown of a few of the emails we received.

For this teardown, we looked at the emails we received from three different stores: Michael’s, Birchbox, and Drs. Foster and Smith.

Let’s dive into the slides!

If you bypassed the slides, not a problem, let me fill you in on what we covered.

The emails:


Up first was arts and crafts megastore, Michael’s. They have over 1,000 stores nationwide!

The good

  • Nice subject line, it prompts you to open the email
  • Color pallette is on point for the holiday
  • Very clear CTA at the top, if you have been waiting for a discount you can go right ahead and purchase
  • The big discounts are really eye catching
  • Nice reward if you keep scrolling down the email

The not so good

  • The email was ginormous! We’re talking “had to take a break from scrolling because our fingers got tired” long
  • There is an overwhelming amount of offers, could end up leaving instead of purchasing
  • The tone and feel of the email change as you scroll, feels disjointed
  • CTA to see the weekly flyer feels like an inconvenience to shoppers
  • The video at the bottom is hilarious but should be it’s own email, not related to Memorial Day sale

What they could do better

Michael’s should shorten the email to just the big discount and the sales. But keep the free gift, it was a nice touch. We also recommend that they A/B test the subject line with one that mentions the free gift.


Birchbox is an online monthly box subscription services that offers curated beauty products for men and women. Founded by two Harvard business school graduates in 2010, the company is VC backed and has raised $71.9m at the time we are publishing this.

The good:

  • The emoji they use in the subject line is spot on!
  • Their subject line has a sense of urgency, that’s always good
  • Overall, the email is very clean looking

The not so good

  • Birchbox’s subject line had an obvious typo. “Juicer?”
  • “Get 30% off brand new items in our Sale Category?” this is complicated CTA

What they could do better:

Birchbox could provide some examples of products included in the sale and make their CTA clearer.

Drs. Foster and Smith

Drs. Foster and Smith is an online business that sells pet supplies. The company was started by three veterinarians.

The good

  • Great use of humor!
  • Animal photos are nice links to categories

The not so good

  • Subject line is confusing, is this a sale on a flash sale?!
  • The email looks like it has a lot of buttons but none are really buttons
  • The blue button on blue background for the main CTA could be much better
  • So many fonts and colors being used!
  • The email feels pretty cluttered

What they could do better

They could segment by type of pet you have or what you have purchased before and adding dynamic product recommendations would be great for pet supplies business like Drs. Foster and Smith!

Addicted to email strategy teardowns as much as the Klaviyo crew? Let us know in the comments below what brands you would like to see featured in one of our upcoming teardowns.


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