Making it Happen: A fly-on-the-wall look into what founder life is really like

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Beyond data-driven strategy, exceptional products, and sleek design, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship are something Katie Demo and Jenny Rudin, the co-founders of Brass Clothing, know a thing or two about. And they’re letting you in on the raw, honest conversations about founder life they’re having with others who do, too. 

On Making it Happen, a new podcast co-created with Klaviyo, Katie and Jenny talk with other founders to get the real stories behind their entrepreneurial endeavors—what makes them tick, how they pivot to tackle the hard stuff, what keeps them up at night, and what keeps them going each day.

Entrepreneurship is alluring. But what does it really take to build and grow a business? 

This season, Katie and Jenny talk with 10 female founders who are actively in the trenches of early and mid-stage startups. Here’s a peek into a few of their conversations: 

Erica Liu Williams, a former Olympic trials swimmer and Silicon Valley techie, shares her thoughts on the importance of grit and the role it’s played in her journey as the founder of gr8nola

“The lessons I learned from swimming have directly translated into what I do. I’m not afraid to work hard. I work well under structure. I’m super competitive. You learn to keep going, even if you’re not always going to win. And a business is very similar. It’s one thing to endure physical pain, but I think it’s another thing to endure constant self-doubt and fear of failure as a founder.”

Tune into Erica’s episode

Chelsea Moore, co-founder and CEO of BOXFOX, shares her thoughts on taking risks and discusses her decision to take a chance on creating her own company rather than pursuing a traditional career. 

“You really have to be super vulnerable to want to start something of your own and be willing to ride that wave for a year and a half of getting it off the ground. It’s this weird combination of having audacity and thinking that we can’t fail, and the vulnerability of understanding that we’re not doctors, but we think this is going to work.”

Tune into Chelsea’s episode

Laurel Wells Thompson, founder of Beya Made, shares a relatable inside look at the personal price someone pays as they pursue the path of entrepreneurship. 

“There’s a little bit of the unconscious expectation that if our child is sick or school is closed, mom is going to stay home—mom will go pick you up from school or mom will take you to all the doctor’s appointments. Yet I’m also trying to run my own business. And there’s also the pressure to contribute financially.”

Tune into Laurel’s episode

Learn about the real highs and lows of entrepreneurship

On each episode of Making it Happen, Katie and Jenny talk with fellow founders about big wins, devastating fails, moments of weakness, moments of pride, and more to give the audience fly-on-the-wall access to intimate discussions about what it’s really like to build, market, and grow a business.  

Tune in to hear the real, raw, honest stories from entrepreneurs who are experiencing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship firsthand. 

Find Making it Happen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and, where you’ll find audio and video versions of the show, and be able to subscribe so you’re the first to know when new episodes drop.

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