Make Better Use of Ecommerce Data with Klaviyo & Shopify Flow

For ecommerce stores to run optimally, all your business and marketing tech needs to work together, including your marketing automation and ecommerce platforms. Today at Unite, Shopify announced connectors for Shopify Flow – a new way to power automated workflows and experiences for Plus store owners and marketers. And we can assure you that Klaviyo is ready to help you capitalize on this new functionality.

What do Shopify Flow connectors let me do?

In a nutshell, connectors bring together more data from the apps you use with your store via logic branching and rules. App developers can build triggers and actions and let different apps on the platform share data based on processes you define. This new resource allows for app developers to share data between apps, and help create new store experiences between different systems that haven’t been connected before.

What does the Klaviyo integration offer?

We’re excited to be the marketing automation launch partner for connectors, with a Klaviyo action available. This integration highlights our ongoing work developing new ways for your ecommerce data to power experiences for your customers. When you have our Klaviyo integration installed, you’ll see a Klaviyo Track An Event action within Flow. This enables you to send custom events from Shopify to Klaviyo at the end of a workflow.

This is an incredibly powerful feature for Plus store owners and marketers. The apps that you use can now exchange data and drive behavior even if they don’t have their own connection. Using Track An Event, any of your apps that have also built a connector can trigger email sequences in Klaviyo flows, or be used for segmentation and reporting. You can supply metadata from those systems as event properties, allowing you to personalize your messaging or segmentation based on any characteristic you like.

For example, at Shopify Unite today, they demonstrated how LoyaltyLion could power a winback flow in Klaviyo based on a status update in LoyaltyLion. Here’s what that example could look like in Shopify, and the kind of flow it could power in Klaviyo.

Klaviyo winback flow triggered by Shopify Plus action

Sign up to gain early access to use connectors for Shopify Flow before the full launch later this summer. We’ll also be looking at the other ways you want Klaviyo to work with Shopify Flow. If you think of any, or have other ways we can make Klaviyo even better, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email at with “I have an idea” in the subject line.


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