Magento Abandoned Cart Emails: 9 Tips + Examples to Help You Retarget the Ones Who Got Away

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Abandoned cart email automations act like a safety net, helping you to re-engage your shoppers and drive your conversions back up.

While it’s unrealistic to expect every single shopper to make a purchase, having strategies—like an abandoned cart email automation—in place to help you maximize your potential revenue-per-recipient (RPR) will benefit your business in the long run.  

If you run your ecommerce store on Magento, then you’re probably faced with a unique set of challenges. 

How can you effectively retarget your shoppers using abandoned cart emails on Magento?

Do you need a Magento abandoned cart extension?

How are other brands on Magento leveraging abandoned cart emails? 

If you’re asking these questions, then you’re already on your way to abandoned cart email success. And if you want to find the answers to some of them, read on to discover: 

How do Magento abandoned cart emails work?

Before you even begin to strategize your abandoned cart email series, you first need to unite your existing systems and then start collecting behavioral data from your website visitors. 

Simply put, you need to integrate your Magento store with your email service provider (ESP) and build an email list of subscribers who are eagerly awaiting your content.   

Install the Magento abandoned cart extension

Integrating your ecommerce store and ESP ensures you can collect customer data and use it to inform your marketing communications.

In order to shed more light on this process, here’s a guide outlining how you can configure the Magento 2 email extension in Klaviyo.   

Although Magento announced it would no longer provide support for the Magento 1 release beginning on June 30, 2020, here’s a guide outlining how to install the Magento 1 email extension in Klaviyo, in case you haven’t migrated to the updated Magento 2 version. 

Once you sync your store’s data with Klaviyo, navigate to the Metrics tab on the left sidebar to view all the metrics in your account. You’ll know which ones are from your Magento 2 integration because they’ll be designated by the Magento 2 icon. 

magento metrics in klaviyoThe same applies to the metrics from your Magento 1 integration. Klaviyo designates them with the Magento 1 icon in the Metrics tab. 

magento 1 metrics in klaviyoFor a Magento abandoned cart email automation, “Started Checkout” is the metric that you’ll want to home in on. It’s the customer action that you’ll use to trigger or begin your abandoned cart email series. 

In both the Magento 1 and 2 integration, this initial event triggers when a customer enters their contact and shipping information on the first page of the Magento checkout process and then clicks continue.   

Build a healthy list of email subscribers

Now that you know integrating your Magento store with your ESP is the first step in building an abandoned cart email automation, what do you do next? Once all your systems are in place, you need to have customers volunteer to receive your emails, aka you need to build an email list. 

Signup forms are a straightforward and efficient way to allow your customers to subscribe to your content. And the best part? You can easily tailor the look and feel of your signup forms to mirror your brand, creating a unified customer experience. 

Signup forms come in a variety of styles: They can take the shape of a popup, a flyout, or an embedded form on your Magento site. You can pick what works best for your business, and if you don’t yet know what works best, you can easily A/B test different variations to find out. 

Signup forms also keep you compliant with the laws and regulations governing email marketing, like CAN-SPAM and GDPR. Clearly stating what kind of email content a customer can expect to receive when they subscribe increases trust in your brand and decreases the likelihood of unsubscribes later on. 

Sending a follow up email asking new subscribers to confirm their subscription will also contribute to healthy list building habits. This can help weed out faulty, fake, or incorrect email addresses that could negatively impact your sender reputation and email deliverability.

And once you have a healthy list of subscribers, you can use it to retarget them with Magento abandoned cart automations.         

Four abandoned cart strategies for your Magento store

Now that you’re well-versed in the steps you need to take before you can send your Magento abandoned cart emails, Here are some tips that will help you level up your strategy and go for the abandoned cart gold.  

1 | Send more than one abandoned cart email 

Magento abandoned cart emails aren’t a one-and-done kind of email automation. 

In fact, research shows that sending two to three abandoned cart emails in a series helps you to optimize performance and maximize sales.  

But moderation is key. Over-sending emails can have a negative impact on your customers’ experience and cause them to take their business elsewhere. You may also harm your email deliverability in the process. 

Experiment with sending more than one abandoned cart email, but also look at the performance data to better understand how many touchpoints are effective. 

You can expect a drop-off in open rate after the first email, but if you’re seeing too low of a click-through-rate (CTR) or revenue per recipient (RPR) in a second, third, or fourth email, consider updating your abandoned cart automation.   

2 | Write subject lines that are attention grabbing

Your abandoned cart email subject line is the first piece of content your subscribers will see when they spot your email in their inbox, so make it as irresistible as possible. 

How, you ask? Intrigue your subscribers by teasing a special discount that’s waiting for them inside the email. Or add a little pizazz with a cheeky emoji—as long as it aligns with your brand voice.

When in doubt, A/B test your abandoned cart subject lines to find what approach resonates best with your audience.

But while your subject line can create intrigue, keeping your reader’s interest is the name of the game. Spark your customers’ curiosity with a catchy subject line and then pair it with interesting email content for the perfect abandoned cart recipe.

3 | Don’t snooze on sending your Magento abandoned cart emails

The longer you wait to send your abandoned cart emails, the more your success of improving conversion rates drops off. 

Why? Because abandoned cart emails are timely messages. If you were to send them days after a customer abandoned their shopping cart, your products would no longer be top of mind and your customer might have already moved on. 

Automate your emails to send two to four hours after your customers have abandoned their carts, when product interest is still high. You’ll have a greater chance of enticing your customers to return to their cart and convert.   

4 | Offer coupon codes 

Coupon or discount codes go together with abandoned cart emails like peanut butter and jelly—they just work.

Shipping cost is one of the primary reasons shoppers abandon their carts, according to Statista. Saddled with that information, including free shipping offers or discounts on shipping in your abandoned cart email seems like a no-brainer. 

Removing the roadblock that initially dissuaded your customers from making a purchase may make it even harder for them to walk away from their cart the second time around.  

It’s a win-win for both you and your customers.  

Magento abandoned cart email examples

Are you in need of some abandoned cart email inspiration? Look no further. 

Here are five Magento abandoned cart email templates from top brands that know how to successfully bring shoppers back to their store. 

1 | Baked by Melissa

 Subject line: WOW, you have a great taste! 

baked by melissa abandoned cart email

This delicious direct-to-consumer (DTC) cupcake brand knows how to lay on the frosting…I mean compliments.

And compliments can instill confidence. Perhaps a customer hesitated placing their order because they were unsure about the flavors they selected. Baked by Melissa doesn’t let the fear of flavors hold them back. 

Instead, their abandoned cart email subject line is encouraging and reinforces the fact that your original choices were probably tasty ones. 

2 | Sam Villa 

Subject line: We’ve saved your cart 🤙

sam villa abandoned cart emailHow long do you spend reading an email? If I had to guess, I would probably say not very long. You have a thousand things going on in any single day, so the more clear and concise the email content you receive is, the better. 

Sam Villa’s abandoned cart email does two things very well. 

First, it reminds you loud and clear of your initial interest in a product with bold, centered email copy. In a matter of seconds, you know exactly why this email is in your inbox. 

Second, it creates a sense of urgency. They aren’t going to save your shopping cart forever—there’s an expiration date. So you might as well purchase now, while you still can check out with the click of a button, instead of having to add your desired items back into your cart later on. 

3 | Rebel Athletic 

Subject line: Oh no! 😮  It looks like you left something behind… 

rebel athletic abandoned cart email 1rebel athletic abandoned cart email 2

Have you ever been sitting in an airport terminal or been an hour into a road trip and realized, with a sudden pitfall in your stomach, that you’ve forgotten to pack an essential? 

Apparel brand Rebel Athletic harkens back to that brief feeling of alarm with a clever abandoned cart email subject line, accompanied by a wisely chosen emoji

But your worry disappears once you open their email. They make it easy for you to return to your cart and proceed to checkout—much easier than doubling back at the beginning of a long drive. 

At the bottom of the email, they also include images of products that are currently trending. 

It’s a smart example of cross-selling and highlights how Rebel Athletic is using every opportunity to potentially increase their customers’ average order value (AOV)

4 | Maggy London 

Subject line: Wait, did you forget these? 

maggy london abandoned cart email

Since I’m on the topic of increasing a customer’s AOV, it’s worthwhile highlighting how women’s clothing brand Maggy London does so with a touch of personalization.

You can’t miss the call-to-action (CTA) in Maggy London’s abandoned cart email. It’s well placed and is the only brightly colored button in the email, immediately drawing the reader’s eye. 

But I’m more jazzed up about the product recommendations in the lower half of the email. 

By including recommendations that are similar to the products in my cart, Maggy London makes the customer experience feel more personalized and tailored to my style—as if I was shopping in their physical store. 

Am I now likely to purchase more items than I originally intended? You bet.  

5 | Talisa 

Subject line: Forgot something?

talisa abandoned cart email Jewelry brand Talisa takes a more empathic approach to abandoned cart emails.

Their abandoned cart email is simple and straightforward. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Instead of trying to direct you back to your shopping cart, Talisa first wants to get at the root cause of why you didn’t place your order.

Did you have questions about their products? Were you unsure of what you were looking for and in need of suggestions? 

Whatever the hesitation may be, Talisa encourages you to reach out directly to a member of their team who can help you resolve the issue—because if they can understand the why, the better they can help you buy. 

Increase your conversion rate with a Magento abandoned cart email series 

For ecommerce brands, conversions translate to sales. Improving your conversion rate essentially means that your customers are making more purchases and your business is generating more revenue. 

Abandoned cart emails are an effective tool you can use to recapture your customers’ attention and bring them closer to the holy grail of customer actions—buying your products. 

Incorporating a Magento abandoned cart email series early on will help you capitalize on every opportunity to grow your business.  

Looking for more ideas to spark your abandoned cart email strategy? Check out how these 11 brands effectively retarget shoppers!

Automate your abandoned cart emails and drive sales. 

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