Learn More About Your Customers with New Inputs in Forms

Personalizing customer communication makes it relevant, and that relevancy is what keeps customers engaging with you. To build that customized experience, you need data on who your customers are and what they’re interested in. While there are many ways to capture customers’ information, we often overlook the easiest and most direct: just ask them!

To make posing the questions easier and more efficient in the signup process, we’ve added support for checkboxes and radio button inputs in the signup form builder. By adding these blocks to your signup form, you can collect data from a subscriber when they signup. That data will then be available as a profile property in Klaviyo for use in areas such as segmentation, flow branching, and email templates.

You can use these inputs to learn about any important customer preference, from which products they’re interested in to how frequently they want to stay in touch. For example, you can add a radio button to collect whether the visitor has attended a live event. You can then set up your welcome series to branch on the subscriber’s entry and send different emails based on whether you’ve met them in person or not.

Stay tuned for more signup forms updates to help you better target site visitors. As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please email us at product@klaviyo.com with the subject line “I have an idea!”

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