11 Top Moments from the LA #KlaviyoWorkshops

What a week! Our team spent May 13th-17th hosting a series of workshops for our customers and agency partners in Los Angeles at The Jefferson. Attendees came from as far away as Australia to level up their email marketing.

By the end of three days, attendees had dived deep on topics like advanced email segmentation, GDPR, and email deliverability. When attendees weren’t soaking in the latest best practices and email strategies, they spent time getting to know each other and sharing their experiences on all things ecommerce marketing.

With so much packed into three days, let’s take a look at some of the standout moments.

  1. Agata borrowed a cell phone to showcase the importance of list cleaning.



What happens if a stranger were to scroll through the contacts in your phone and send a text message to a random one? How would it make you feel? The answer we found: slightly squeamish. This prank drove the point home that list cleaning really is important.  

    1. No one believes they’re an email deliverability expert. We asked.


      Engaged Segment

      In a room full of the some of the top ecommerce marketers and agencies, we found that when it comes to email deliverability, everyone still thinks there is a lot to learn. Evan G. from our support team dove into the best practices for email deliverability, including list cleaning and best practices for defining engagement.

    2. We looked at cats in hats and cats in Pats hats.


      LA Workshop cat

      To our surprise, we couldn’t find a single attendee who was a Patriots fan. Okay, so maybe not that surprising in southern California, but we did end up talking about cats in hats as we dove into advanced segmentation techniques and how we can use data like location or a favorite sports team to better tailor a buyer’s personalized experience.

    3. Espresso kept us supercharged throughout the three days.


      Espresso Bar Tweet

      While data drives our marketing engines, it’s clear caffeine was fueling our attendees as they shared a number of photos of our outdoor espresso bar. You could say they came for the content and stayed for the coffee!

      Espresso Bar Tweet 2Espresso Tweet 1


    1. Attendees joined forces to come up with some advanced flows.


      LA Workshop Group
      During our session on automated email flows, attendees broke out into groups to try their hand at designing an advanced flow. Because while it’s great to go home and try things for yourself, working with others first is a smart way to kickstart some fresh ideas.
      Flows Teet


    1. Our agency partners were social butterflies.


      Agency partners LA

      One of our favorite moments was when we witnessed two of our agency partners — who had gotten to know each other over Slack — finally met in person at the workshop. It was a great example of the energy and overall vibe of the agency workshop; a full house brimming with advice and ideas.


    1. We took our 2018 roadmap for a spin and looked at all the features you might have missed.


      LA Workshop Product

      Director of Product Brian W. went over all of the new features released in 2018 so far and answered all the group’s lingering questions about integrations, features, and more.

      LA Workshop Product

      LA Workshop Product 2


    1. Klaviyo CEO Andrew took us on a stroll down memory lane.


      LA Workshop B&W

      Not many know the story of how our CEO Andrew and co-founder Ed Hallen came around to starting Klaviyo. Andrew took us through the history of Klaviyo, including the origins of the name as well as the future of the business.


    1. GDPR was on the minds of almost everyone.


      LA Workshop GDPR

      We dug into GDPR. While we aren’t lawyers, we offered a few suggestions we had in regards to compliance.  


    1. The Jefferson was as classy as its name.


      LA Workshop packbacksLA workshop food

      Somewhere between the brick and beam space, Edison bulbs, and finely crafted meals, The Jefferson had our heart. It was the perfect setting to connect, learn, and reflect on ecommerce marketing.  


  1. Secret’s out – Klaviyo:BOS is coming in September!


Internally, we’ve all been buzzing about our epic two-day conference in Boston on September 13th & 14. We finally spilled the biggest Klaviyo secret with our workshop attendees — and then the world.


Interested in our two day conference?

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