A Glimpse Behind the LA Klaviyo Agency Workshop

It’s a new year, which means we have a whole new set of Klaviyo workshops across the United States.

Most recently, we hosted a Klaviyo workshop in Los Angeles exclusively for our agency partners. Klaviyo’s agency partners provide superior services to help our mutual customers grow their businesses. This workshop is part of our ongoing effort to double down on our partner investments because we ultimately want our partners by our side as we continue to grow.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look back at a few highlights from the day.

30 is the number of agencies that joined us for the day

Agencies came from LA and beyond to join us for the workshop. We welcomed partners who have been with us for several years, like Hawke Media and Essence of Email, to agencies that had just joined our partner program a few weeks ago like Samadhi Marketing.

The day was a great way for our agency partners to not only learn more about Klaviyo but also connect and learn from each other.

3 words to market by: Listen, Analyze, Act

At the workshop, Mike Eng, introduced our latest framework for thinking about marketing with our listen, analyze, act framework.

How to (Collect) and Listen to Customer Data

The first mode – observe. There is so much information that we can gather just by watching the events users are already taking.

Dan K from the Klaviyo engineering team took the mic to give attendees a closer look at how agencies and merchants can better listen to their customer data through Klaviyo forms and integrations by discussing how you typically learn about / listen to people.

The presentation was interactive with attendees asking questions throughout and covered some of our most popular integrations types like loyalty programs, payment software, as well as shipping and tracking.

Dan also presented a few examples that users could use to collect more information such as creating segments, splitting flows by different properties, and personalizing emails using this data.

How you can Observe Trends

Next up we heard from data engineer, Martiza, about how marketers can observe trends aka analyze customer data using data science and predictive analytics.

Maritza challenged us to think about how we know who will spend money with a brand in the future, how we know when customers will purchase again, and how we know what customers will buy from us next. Hint: the answer is through understanding a customers lifetime value.

A Look Towards the Future

After digging into the Listen / Analyze / Act framework, we took the product roadmap for a spin to see what features had recently been released, what new features are on the horizon as well as a look at the updates to the partner program.

We can’t wait to continue to build and grow with our agency partners and are excited for a phenomenal year to come. If you have more questions about the agency partner at Klaviyo, check out our agency partner program.

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