A Bird’s-Eye View of Klaviyo:BOS

Klaviyos at Klaviyo:BOS 2018

One of my favorite Tweets that came in over the course of Klaviyo’s two day conference, Klaviyo:BOS, was, “No fluff promised and no fluff delivered.”

In a nutshell, it’s a one-sentence explanation of what the event aimed to do: give ecommerce marketers, shop owners, partners, and agencies real, tangible content that they could walk away with and put into action.

With over 44 sessions, including panels, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and topics covering ecommerce, email marketing, and beyond, Klaviyo:BOS delivered loads of quality content for attendees. With so much content delivered and produced over the two days, we’ll be sharing content from the show in the weeks and months to come, so stay tuned.

Whether you weren’t able to join us or just want a walk down memory lane, let’s take a high-level look behind the people, content, and themes of Klaviyo:BOS.

Day 1

Welcoming the Inevitable

Klaviyo:BOS kicked off with a keynote from Klaviyo CEO and co-founder Andrew Bialecki. AB (as he’s called internally) walked us through the history of Klaviyo, the experience of being a consumer today, and how brands will need to shift and adjust to communicate more effectively with their customers.

Any way you want it…that’s the way you can have it!

Following the opening keynote, Klaviyo:BOS broke into three separate tracks that attendees could mix and match to best cater to the needs of their business.

Email Strategy Track
Discussed everything you need to know about sending great emails.

Beyond Email Track
Covered everything from SEO for ecommerce to store website optimization.

Klaviyo Live Track
Offered how-to walkthroughs of the nuts and bolts of using Klaviyo.

Attendees got #SoSocial at #KlaviyoBOS

While there was loads of in-person connecting and chatter on day one of Klaviyo:BOS, attendees were so social online that the event hashtag #KlaviyoBOS was trending in Boston. Attendees were actively sharing session content, graphic notes from the keynote, and photos with our giant (22 feet to be exact) Klaviyo logo.


Marketers shared their surprising wins

During the afternoon, we heard how three successful marketers from Rareform, JackThreads, and Who Gives a Crap have gone out in new directions, and are taking risks and trying new things. Topics covered everything from deliverability to testing and more.

Day 2

Jake took us on a product roadmap tour

Day 2 kicked off with a look at some of the upcoming capabilities and plans for Klaviyo that hadn’t been released to the public yet. We then switched gears by hosting a series of live AMAs with our entire product and engineering team after the keynote.

Klaviyos kept it personal

The Klaviyo support, product, and engineering teams set up shop in the lounge and connected 1:1 with attendees looking for a deeper look into their accounts and for new ways to level up their marketing. This became such a popular option that by the end of the 2nd day, the teams had clocked in 101 customer 1:1s!

Ecommerce podcasts were in full force

With 3 podcast lounges, podcasters from Ecommerce Uncensored, My Wife Quit Her Job, and Ecommerce Influence all attended and recorded episodes of their podcast at Klaviyo:BOS. Our Klaviyo Design and Engineering teams also got in on the action, each recording new episodes of their podcasts.

We learned the truth about marketing

In the closing keynote, VP of Marketing Agata Celmerowski dug into the truth about marketing. The heart of the message was that marketing is dead and marketers now need to switch their mindsets to thinking of marketing as a series of experiments, that your brand really does matter, and that marketers need to stop marketing at and start connecting with people.

A final toast of champagne and Bud Light

After the final keynote finished, Agata and Andrew raised a glass to every attendee and Klaviyo who had helped to make this event and Klaviyo what it is today.

But that’s not all

While we were recording, creating, and sharing everything at Klaviyo:BOS, so were attendees!

So far we’ve seen some phenomenal coverage of the event. Here are a few of our favorites:

Three-part blog series from Juliana Casale of Crazy Egg

Juliana wrote a mega three-part blog series on the conference sessions she attended. Get an inside look (from a non-Klaviyo) on everything from SEO, to email design and brand building.


Ecommerce Uncensored podcast on growing your email list

While there were several podcasters on site for the conference, Ecommerce Uncensored has released the first show since the conference. In this episode, they chat with Brian Whalley, a director of product at Klaviyo, about how to grow your email list.



Most importantly, thank you!

Throughout the 2 days of Klaviyo:BOS, our team had countless conversations and fun, memorable experiences with attendees. When our customers are happy and successful, so are we! A huge THANK YOU! to everyone who attended Klaviyo:BOS for joining us, believing in Klaviyo, and being a big part of our community. We can’t wait to do it again!

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