We’re holding office hours! See what you missed

Our Success Team is happy to announce the addition of “office hours” to their schedule. Just like you remember from school, Klaviyo office hours is an open forum for anyone to pop in and pick the Success Team’s brain.

Sessions are held in a live webinar and are staffed by at least two Klaviyos. Voice chat is enabled — simply raise your hand and ask your question. There are themes every week to help guide the discussion, but please feel free to ask whatever is on your mind.

Office hours are held each Wednesday from 2-3PM Eastern Time.

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Here’s a sampling of what you missed last week.

1. How do I copy the Klaviyo transaction emails into Shopify? Is there a doc or a video?

Klaviyo has a number of prebuilt transactional template options for Shopify users. You can export these templates from Klaviyo and upload them into Shopify by following the steps outlined in this doc –> https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005080587-Personalize-and-Export-Shopify-Notification-Emails

2. What is the superior incentive: discounts/ebooks or other?

Which incentive is going to resonate best with your particular audience depends greatly on the type of business you run. That said, we see ecommerce stores achieve success by offering new newsletter subscribers a discount in their welcome series. For example, offering new subscribers 15% off their first purchase is a great way to turn them into paying customers.

3. For someone who is just starting out, what are the bare minimum flows you would recommend?

The prebuilt flows you’ll find in your Klaviyo account are prebuilt for a reason — these are the flows our customers have found most valuable. These are the welcome series, abandoned cart, win-back, post-purchase, and browse abandonment flows. Of these, the welcome series and abandoned cart flows typically generate the most revenue for our customers.

4. Should I use the default Shopify emails flows, e.g. order confirmation email, or should I use Klaviyo for that instead?

Transactional emails (like order confirmations) should be handled in Shopify, but you can use Klaviyo templates in your Shopify account as outlined above. All other flows (welcome series, abandoned cart, etc.) should be managed in Klaviyo.

5. Do you offer analytics for pop-ups? Can I A/B test pop-ups?

We do offer some analytics for popups in the sense that you can see which popup a particular subscriber signed up from. However, we don’t offer any A/B testing for our popups. We do integrate with a number of 3rd party popup tools that do, though — you can check out a full list here –> https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005254888-Pop-Up-List-Growth-Social-Sharing-Integrations

6. What’s the max number of emails that you think should be in the flow?

How many emails you should include in a flow depends on the type of flow. As a quick rule of thumb, 2-5 emails will usually suffice, and you don’t want to bombard your customers. For abandoned carts, we recommend between 2-3 emails. For welcome series flows, you can probably get away with up to 5 emails, as long as you’re providing engaging content!

7. Can you explain the difference between fulfilled order and placed order?

The Placed Order event occurs when someone submits their order on your ecommerce site; the Fulfilled Order event occurs when this order is shipped. Because there can be some delay between when an order is placed and when an order is fulfilled, we recommend using the Placed Order event as a flow trigger.

8. Which works best, weekly or monthly emails?

When, and how frequently, to send emails depends entirely on your particular business. The key thing that you want to optimize for is engagement — if you are providing engaging content for your customers, you could send an email every day. One way you can optimize for engagement is by allowing your subscribers to choose how often they hear from you. We have a blog post that outlines how to set this up    –> https://www.klaviyo.com/blog/how-to-segment-your-newsletter-based-on-frequency

9. Are product specific abandoned cart flows effective, or do you find the best practice is to go by dollar amount?

All abandoned cart flows will be product specific since Klaviyo automatically fills in information about the product that was abandoned (image, title, and price). That said, it doesn’t hurt to test sending different abandoned cart flows for different cart values to see how it performs for you!

10. If you make a first-time purchaser flow welcome series (4 emails) and include a discount code right away for their next purchase, would you want to make two streams after that?

Yes, you could send one email to people who end up using the code and then another stream for those who haven’t used it yet saying “2 more days to use the discount!” You can do this by adding additional filters to specific emails within a flow. This doc outlines how to do that –> https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005257348-Add-an-Additional-Filter-to-a-Single-Flow-Email


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