ICYMI: A Look Back at Klaviyo:CHI

On June 5th, we held our fourth Klaviyo Workshop at Catalyst Ranch in Chicago. Ecommerce marketers came from near and far (some even drove as long as 4.5 hours to attend). While we have already held workshops in NYC, Miami, and LA, there was something distinctly unique about Klaviyo:CHI. Maybe it was the quirky venue, the photo booth, or the newly added breakout sessions. Let’s take a closer look at the day.

1. Breakout sessions led to quality conversations


Alex leading the More Flows breakout session.

For the first time, we introduced breakout session at Klaviyo:CHI. Attendees could sign up for their session on our breakout workshop board or suggest an idea.

We ended up with a variety of topics including data science, B2B ecommerce, flows, Klaviyo 101, IRCE, and the customer journey.

The most well-attended breakouts were hands down data science and more flows (a continuation of the earlier advanced flows presentation).

2. Attendees got social with video

As part of our video contest, workshop attendees took to social media to share their findings from the workshop. The biggest takeaways from attendees were around best practices for email deliverability, back in stock flows, segmentation, and sending date based flows.

3. We shared a few quick tip videos

We’ve been fortunate enough to meet ecommerce marketers and shop owners from around the world, sharing experiences and successes. We decided to share some of our favorite quick tips with those following along at home, debuting a few videos throughout the day.

4. Smile— you’re on Klaviyo camera!


Klaiyo:CHI also included a photo booth for attendees! During lunch and happy hour folks got snap-happy with props and other attendees.

5. Tunes kept us rocking and rolling


The best way to keep spirits high and the day lively – well besides lots of coffee – is music! If you’re curious about our playlist check it out right here.  

6. We welcomed our youngest attendee yet




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Posted by Anastasia Vankova on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

While the breadth of experience from our workshop attendees varied from just getting started to ecommerce pro, we were delighted to also welcome a sweet attendee whose lack of ecommerce experience was more than made up for by awesome infant cuteness.

7. Q&As that went deep

Each Klaviyo Workshop so far has led to a handful of questions for each presenter, but in Chicago we saw an interesting shift as attendees really dug into the content and asked more questions than ever before. Sessions on advanced flows, email deliverability, and the product roadmap really heated up during the Q&A period.

8. We said a big thanks from the team back home

From the start, customers have been the focus of #KlaviyoWorkshops. We decided to bring as many members of our team as possible in person to join the workshops. This approach lets us all better understand and connect with our customers over coffee breaks, meals, and Q&As.

While we’ve had a rotating cast of Klaviyos attend the workshop, we wanted to get as many folks in front of users as possible to say a big thanks for all the amazing feedback, referrals, and support as we continue to build Klaviyo.


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