AB’s Favorite Klaviyo:BOS Memories


A few months ago, I joined the Klaviyo team to manage our community events. I organize Klaviyo:BOS and Klaviyo’s workshops… or as AB, our CEO, likes to think of them—Klaviyo’s tour stops. 

Last week, I ambushed AB to ask him about his favorite memories from last year’s Klaviyo:BOS. I wanted to make sure we carried those into this year’s event and think about how we could make them even better. (By the way, Klaviyo:BOS is happening again September 25-26 in Boston. Get your tickets here.)

Here’s what AB said about his favorite Klaviyo:BOS moments:


“Man, last year had a lot of great memories, but hosting Klaviyo:BOS was my favorite Klaviyo moment. I met so many customers and partners I’d talked with for years but never met in person. There were a ton of great memories, but three that stick out.


Day #1, 8:55am | Walking into the hall packed with Klaviyo users, customers, and partners.

We’re an internet business, so we don’t get to meet all of our customers in person. This was the biggest get together for our community by a wide margin and it was awesome to see how many folks were willing to make the time and the trip so we could learn and grow together. It was also great to share our dreams with everyone. We talk so much at our offices about businesses owning their growth and creating amazing customer experiences, so it was great to share that dream with everyone and hear how excited they were.


Day #1, 7:15pm | Dinner at the Harpoon Brewery that night.

I had a lot of great conversations, but I distinctly remember one. I saw a long bench with five or six people having dinner and a conversation. I walked over, introduced myself, and asked everyone where they were from. I expected a lot of people to say they were from a drive or short flight away, but the answers I got—Puerto Rico, Nova Scotia, London, Israel, and Australia—were amazing. I asked how everyone knew each other, if they’d all met before. Never. They all came for Klaviyo:BOS. That was mind-blowing.


Day #2, 10:30am | We organized an AMA (“ask me anything”) for our product managers, engineers, and our customers.

This was an idea we had at the end of the first day, so late in the game. What if we set up tables for each part of our product and customers could ask questions or share ideas directly with the Klaviyos building those features?

We knew it was the right thing to do, but we hadn’t organized anything. I called Andrew and Agata, our heads of engineering and marketing, at 9:00 p.m. the night before to see if it was possible. Of course they made it happen and it’s a tradition we’ll definitely continue.”


I really enjoyed chatting with AB about his favorite memories and hearing how Klaviyo:BOS last year rocked, but this year… it’s going to be absolutely epic! We have so much more to share with you, plus we have a bigger team full of experts whose main job it is to plan cool and interesting things for you to experience on-site, and valuable and actionable things you can immediately take back to grow your business. 

Here’s a peek at what I’m most looking forward to at Klaviyo:BOS this year:


1 | Owned Marketing

Last year, we talked about strategies, tips, and tactics you could use to power your email and skyrocket your sales. This year, it’s all about leveling up your marketing and taking control of the entire customer experience. 

Earlier this year, AB wrote about why we raised $150 million. He spoke about how email is only one piece of the pie and there’s so much more we can help brands with when it comes to sustainable growth. 

“We’re concerned that big pieces of that pie are through channels brands can never own because they’re dependent on ad networks and marketplaces that may change their rules or not be there someday. Klaviyo exists to help businesses grow. We believe the most reliable and enduring way to grow is for businesses to own the entire customer experience. We call that owned marketing,” AB wrote. 

At Klaviyo:BOS, we’ll share real-life stories, ideas, and actionable tips to help you own your marketing and grow your business.  


2 |  More 1:1s 

Last year, we hosted nearly 150 1:1 sessions with our community. This year, we’re doubling (maybe even tripling…) that number.

With more 1:1 timeslots and a Klaviyo Support Bar, you’ll have more opportunities than ever to get answers to some of your most pressing questions and meet fellow members of the Klaviyo community. 

When you register for the event, you’ll get details on how you can schedule your own personal 1:1 time with Klaviyo’s product experts or your dedicated customer success managers. 


3 | More fun (aka, parties)!

It can’t be all work and no play, right? We’ve got some really fun things lined up for you, like our “Own the Night” party at the Lawn on D. This is one you won’t want to miss. You’ll get to dance the night away to jams spun by one of Boston’s most popular DJs, play some fun lawn games, and enjoy some tasty drinks and food, including my personal fave—seafood (Boston’s got the freshest and best fish!). 

And since we had so many people come to Boston from out-of-town last year, we’re throwing an early arrival reception the night before at Yotel’s roof deck bar that overlooks Boston Harbor (it’s one of the hippest and freshest spots in Boston’s Seaport District). AB will host a VIP dinner, too, and I know he can’t wait to meet you there and talk about all things growth.


Ok, enough reminiscing. Let’s get ready for Klaviyo:BOS 2019! Here are seven reasons you should join us for this year’s event. And here’s another hot tip: tickets are already 60 percent sold out. Time to save your spot if you haven’t already! 


Grab your tickets today and use code MORGAN19 to get $200 off your ticket.


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