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At Klaviyo, we’re working to make it simple to provide a great experience and amazing support to your users. One of the things we’ll cover on the blog is examples of ways you can use Klaviyo to provide a richer experience for your users.

So where better to start than at the beginning — when you’re first coming into contact with users. We all know 98% of people who visit your website leave, never to return. If the messaging isn’t just right or someone can’t find the information they’re looking for, they’ll leave and, even worse, you might never know why.

Imagine you’re a student looking to start or finish a degree. Where would you click first on this site?

University of Phoenix Home Page

Where would you start?

I’d probably be interested in “How It Works” if I’d never taken a class through an online university. But I also want to browse the degrees. And I’d like to know they’re committed to my success. And I’d like to know which program is right for me. And is that different from the degrees? So many questions and no immediate answers.

So what happens? Well, if I’m in the 2% who stick around, I probably click a few links and then make a decision whether to fill out a contact form to get a call from a sales associate who will walk me through everything. And this is all well and good except I’m ready now! And I don’t want to feel rushed while I’m absorbing information. I want the tour, but I want to dictate the pace and if that means pausing for a few minutes so I can read some information, I’m going to do it!

With Klaviyo, we’re trying to help out people who fall into that bucket (and we think there are a lot of them). We’re doing it by allowing you, who has all these go-getters users and visitors, to create a walkthrough of your website that they can directly interact with.

Getting started

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably ready to give us a try. Well, no sense wasting time, go sign up for Klaviyo.

Once you’ve signed up, you’re taken to your dashboard. From here you can create your first walkthrough, or “learnlet” as we call them. Once you give your learnlet a name and a place to start from, we’ll ask you to install our browser plugin and then you’re off. If you’re wondering, our browser plugin is only necessary as a way to create your learnlet if you haven’t installed our JavaScript snippet on your site yet. If you have, you can skip this skip and click the button on the install page to start editing.

Welcome screen

It’s very easy to get started.

Creating steps

If you got this far, you should be excited — we sure were the first time we tried this out. You should see the editor toolbar at the top of the page. You can add callouts and grayouts to any part of your site and edit them with text, images and even video. Callouts are anchored to a specific part of the page whereas grayouts gray out the whole screen and force a user to focus on whatever content you want to show them. You can navigate around your site we’ll automatically keep track of everything for you. It’s easy because everyone should be able to do this.

Creating a learnlet

Click on parts of the page to automatically annotate them.

Sharing your learnlet

Once you’re done, click the “Done” button in the toolbar and click the button to go back to Klaviyo. Now it’s time to share all that hard work. (Okay, I guess the five minutes it took to create your learnlet doesn’t qualify as hard work, but no one has to know that.) You have two options:

  • Add our JavaScript on your site and share the link with a hash tag. This is the recommended way to share learnlets if you run the website you’re putting this script on. It makes it super easy for users or visitors because they only need to click on your link.
  • Share the link to Klaviyo. You can also share you learnlet with others by using the link to Klaviyo and then users will only have to install our browser extension before they can see what you’ve created. This is the way to go if what you created isn’t on your website. For instance, if you want to show somehow how to use Google or Facebook, this works perfectly.

Pick the sharing option that works for you and you’re done! In future posts we’ll cover how to see who has viewed your learnlet and how far they got as well as some cool ways to customize your learnlets.

And of course if you have any questions or feedback, we want to hear from you. We also want to hear about how you’re using Klaviyo, so let us know. We’re making it easier to communicate with your customers and visitors.  So stay tuned and get ready to be wow’ed.

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