How to grow your brand in the post Shopify / Mailchimp Era

Grow your brand post mailchimp with shopify and klaviyo

As I am sure you have heard both Shopify and Mailchimp announced that their partnership had ended and that as of May 12th, 2019 Mailchimp will no longer integrate natively with Shopify. This announcement was very abrupt and blindsided most Shopify / Mailchimp customers.

If you continue using Mailchimp you are now forced to find a way to integrate your data through a 3rd party connector. As you can imagine, this scenario is less than ideal and will lead to delays in syncing data, incomplete data, and lost revenue opportunities. In today’s world of modern digital marketing with speed and personalization being paramount, that’s not something you can afford.

At Klaviyo our mission is simple – help brands grow faster. It is the thing that drives every decision we make and this obsession on helping our customers grow permeates our entire company. That’s why over 4,900 brands in the past two years made the switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, realizing on average a 45%+ boost in revenue after making the switch. It’s why we think you should join the Klaviyo family too!

We are hyper-focused on ecommerce and because of that, everything in the platform is constructed to help your business make money without needing a whole team of people to run it. I have personally helped over 400 Shopify stores make the transition from Mailchimp to Klaviyo over the last 3 years. I want to highlight some of the tactics they have used to drive revenue immediately after making the switch:

  1. Back in Stock – Let visitors sign up to be notified when an item comes back in stock and automate the notification to them when your inventory is updated
  2. Deeper Segmentation – Segment your customers based on what collection they have bought from, what their CLV is, or what specific variant they bought. By doing this, Taylor Stitch raised their revenue per recipient by 60%
  3. Dynamic Coupon Generation – Create dynamic, personalized coupon codes that auto-generate when an email is sent. No more finding your “Welcome10” coupon on an order from someone who never signed up for your newsletter
  4. Browse Abandonment – Send someone an email when they view a product but do not start a checkout or place an order – the average revenue per recipient on this is $1.35
  5. Predictive Analytics – Ever wonder when a customer might buy next? Set up a flow that sends them a note when that predicted date comes around. No more one size fits all.

Not only are the tools there to help you step up your email marketing game, but we have an awesome team of industry experts to help guide you. One of the huge advantages that we have is the ability to pull benchmarks, ROI examples, and use cases from thousands of similar brands to help you optimize every possible revenue opportunity.  We actually measure our success based on how much money we help our customers make. In fact, it’s an acronym that gets discussed in almost every company meeting (KAV – Klaviyo Attributed Value), which is one of my favorite parts about working here.

As a Klaviyo customer, you get access to a dedicated team that has unparalleled experience in the ecommerce marketing space. We work with over 35% of all Shopify Plus stores so we can help you implement strategies that some of the largest Shopify stores in the world are leveraging to drive upwards of 40-50% of their total revenue through email.

After my first conversation with people exploring a move to Klaviyo, I often get the reaction of “this is great but this seems like a lot of work to make a transition.” In my experience, most people view changing their ESP as a 2-3 month long, arduous process. With Klaviyo, that is not the case.

With just one click, you instantly have your Shopify store connected in real-time to your Klaviyo account and access to all of your historical data within 24-48 hours. On top of that, Klaviyo has a prebuilt connector that pulls over all of your Mailchimp lists, unsubscribes and open/click data directly into your Klaviyo account. This whole process….10 minutes.

So what do you do with the remaining 50 minutes in the hour you set aside for this project?

You get to work on setting it up. Klaviyo even makes this part easy. When you set up the account, most of it is going to be pre-built for you. The foundational flows like an abandoned cart sequence, welcome series, and a browse abandonment flow all come right out of the box. All you need to do is make sure you like the look and feel of the emails and then turn them on so you can start making money.

I have seen lots of stores be fully switched over with their foundation (basic flows, lists, templates, etc.) in an afternoon, then they get to set up the good stuff!

Long story short, I would love to see if Klaviyo might be the right fit for you to help your brand grow. Creating an account is completely free to do at

If you want to talk to someone on our team to see if Klaviyo is the right next step for your brand please reach out to or call us at +1(617) 415-5563

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