How Klaviyo Helped Brands Prepare Their 2019 Holiday Marketing Strategies—In Person [Part 1]

We often speak about the passion we have for connecting and collaborating with you—members of the Klaviyo community—who represent a wide breadth of businesses that use Klaviyo to grow. 

Across the entire company, we spend endless amounts of time finding faster, better, and more frequent ways to interact with as many of you, face-to-face, as humanly possible. 

And while it’s not feasible to host a workshop in every single city around the globe (though we’ll definitely be hosting more in 2020—stay tuned!) and we can’t have the flagship Klaviyo:BOS event every day, we know how incredibly important it is to connect with you, live, throughout the year.

As the holidays neared this year, we thought, “How can we connect with more members of our community and be more helpful to our customers during this critical time of year?” 

Enter Klaviyo’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday customer success task force. Project Elf, as we affectionately called it here.  

The task force had one goal this year. Head out to your headquarters and help you with whatever you needed to get set up for holiday success. 

Whether that meant helping you to get launched, rethink some of your existing holiday marketing strategies, set up certain segmentations or specific flows, members of our customer success team spent the last few weeks traveling near and far to help you with your holiday preparations. 

Here’s a look at what these growing brands had to say about having some on-site support ahead of the holidays:  

Nested Bean 

Nested Bean runs their online business on Shopify’s ecommerce platform and provides families with the sleep wellness products and information they need to put all their baby’s sleep challenges lovingly to rest. 

Located in Massachusetts, the brand’s customer success manager, Ksenia Bykova was on-hand to help the team prepare its holiday marketing strategy. 

What Nested Bean said about the experience:


"It was very helpful! We were able to get a lot figured out in a short period of time as far as our holiday strategy goes. It's nice to be face-to-face, especially when brainstorming different things. Ksenia has helped us significantly! Our deliverability was so low before we started working with her. Our open rates were poor and our overall engagement was down. Through segmentation and best practice guidance, we now have excellent open rates, deliverability, and overall performance on flows and campaigns."

Christina Alario, senior marketing coordinator, Nested Bean


Audio Advice

Located in North Carolina, Audio Advice is a specialty consumer electronics retailer that’s on a mission to bring home technology to life. The brand runs its business on the Magento 2 ecommerce platform. 

Maryam Squillace, Audio Advice’s customer success manager, collaborated with the team face-to-face to help them prepare for the holidays. 

What Audio Advice said about the experience: 


"Maryam is awesome! It was great to have her here for a few hours where we could brainstorm, bounce ideas off of her, and get her help. It added a ton of value to have an extended amount of dedicated time outside of the usual monthly calls. She brought ideas that we hadn't thought of and is always eager to help. Maryam always comes prepared with ideas to help us grow and improve. She's very responsive to us throughout the entire year and we always feel that she's there when we need her."

Heather McMillen, director of ecommerce, Audio Advice


Dollar Days

Dollar Days supplies wholesale goods to nonprofits, businesses, and betterment organizations, and is focused on helping you stretch every last dollar—whether it’s your own, a donation, or it belongs to your organization. The brand uses AWS Redshift as its ecommerce platform. 

Taylor Clark visited the team to help provide expert guidance and support to help the brand in developing its 2020 marketing strategy. 

What Dollar Days said about the experience:


"Our company is unique and, by having Taylor come on-site, we were better able to explore how to serve our customers better. We aren't the traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday company. Instead, we worked to brainstorm on future strategy so moving into 2020 our content and email cadence is better than ever. Taylor has taken the time to evaluate what’s working for us and challenge us to expand on that. These are opportunities for our company we may have missed if not for his guidance."

Carly Figman, account-based marketing manager, Dollar Days


In the coming days, we’ll share more stories from the task force’s in-person visits to our customers this year and share how they helped brands prepare their holiday marketing strategy for Cyber Weekend and beyond. 

Looking for resources to help you make the most of your holiday marketing strategy? Check out the ecommerce holiday marketing hub for strategies, tips, and advice to help you grow. 


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