Holstee Uses Klaviyo Email Marketing to Grow Shopify Store

This is the first in a series of case studies from Klaviyo on how innovative eCommerce companies are using Klaviyo’s Email Marketing platform to grow their businesses.

We’re starting with Holstee – an innovative lifestyle goods maker founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York City that focuses on design with a conscience. We’re very excited to call them a customer.

The Holstee Manifesto

Holstee’s Manifesto is one of the first things Holstee founders Mike, Dave, and Fabian created after they quit their jobs to start the company of their dreams. Since they created the manifesto, it’s been viewed and shared millions of times (as of this writing, this video has been viewed 1.1 million times on Youtube).

Going beyond the Manifesto

As Holstee has grown, they’ve continued to expand their product offerings to go way beyond Manifesto posters and their initial “up-cycled” creations (converting old or recycled materials into new products, like the Holstee wallet).  However, many of their initial customers weren’t aware of their new products and hadn’t been back to the site since their initial purchase.

Given this, Holstee had a natural opportunity to reach out to these early customers who had only bought the manifesto and highlight additional products that customers might like.

Getting Started with Klaviyo

Because Holstee is built on Shopify, connecting their store to Klaviyo involved just a few minutes of entering their store information and entering their username and password to sync the store with Klaviyo. Klaviyo is available in the Shopify app marketplace (as is their free email template creator app).

Klaviyo gives Holstee four key capabilities:

  • Find groups of customers who meet specific criteria (for example everyone who bought the manifesto but hasn’t bought since)
  • Email those customers
  • Analyze the impact on purchases and other key metrics
  • Automate emails so they are sent to all customers who meet those criteria going forward

Screenshot of the Holstee dashboard once their Shopify data was integrated

Holstee Dashboard in Klaviyo

In addition to those capabilities, because all customers live in Klaviyo, it also provides an easy way to see a complete customer history – effectively a CRM for Ecommerce.

Once their store was linked to Klaviyo, they could easily find groups of customers like:

  • First time purchasers in the last two weeks
  • Everyone who had bought only the manifesto
  • Customers who were on their mailing list but hadn’t purchased recently
  • etc

Because Klaviyo is sync’ed with the Holstee Shopify store, these groups stay always up to date. Creating new lists of customers takes just minutes.

Reaching Out

Using Klaviyo, Holstee crafted, targeted and sent an email to customers who had only bought the manifesto. The first step was using Klaviyo to create the right group of customers based on purchase history. Using Klaviyo’s dynamically updating list creation tools, Holstee could identify users based on what they had or hadn’t purchased and when, and then that group would keep itself updated over time.

Once the list was identified, Holstee crafted an email that was short, to the point, and aimed at helping customers.

The Results

Almost immediately, it was clear that the email was a win for customers and a win for Holstee. From the initial email, Holstee saw a strong open rate (>40%) and very high click through rates (>30%), as well as a significant direct impact on revenue. While a high number of recipients opened and clicked right away, purchases often occurred across multiple sessions.

Customers who hadn’t purchased anything in over a year came back to explore new products and even bought more copies of the manifesto.

Initial results of the Email Campaign (numbers hidden)

Holstee Results from Thank You EmailFor every email sent, Klaviyo tracks what recipients who open or read the emails do next.  This lets companies like Holstee know exactly what impact their email campaigns are having, and then to tailor the email body, subject lines and who they’re sent to based on what is or isn’t working.

Next Steps for Holstee

In addition to these initial campaigns, Holstee has started to leverage Klaviyo in novel ways to build stronger relationships with their customers.

As one example, Holstee’s founders recently reached out to loyal customers in Seattle when they were passing through to arrange a unique meetup. Through Klaviyo’s unique list creation, it was a couple of minute exercise to select all customers in Seattle who had purchased in the last two years.

Beyond static email campaigns, Holstee has also started to take advantage of automated campaigns that send emails based on what customers are doing on their website, whether they’ve signed up for newsletters, etc. Through Klaviyo’s autoresponders, these emails can be setup once, analyzed, and then automated with the click of a button – so that your customers keep getting the right emails at the right time, without any extra work from you.

Holstee's AutorespondersBy leveraging email in novel and personalized ways, Holstee is deepening their customer relationships to go significantly beyond what’s possible with just a standard newsletter.

You can check out more of Holstee’s great creations at Holstee.com.

To learn more about how you can use email to bring customers back and strengthen your customer relationships, visit Klaviyo.com.


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