The Klaviyo Customer Segment

Mike talks about Klaviyo:BOS themes

Welcome to the Klaviyo Customer Segment Podcast! This is a new podcast series created to share the incredible insights we gain from the one-on-one conversations with our customers.

The first four installments of the Klaviyo Customer Segment will focus on the best topics and insights gathered from Klaviyo:BOS, our recent ecommerce marketing conference.

For the 1st episode, Kevin Lamenzo and I interviewed a few Product Experts and Customer Success Managers, who had numerous conversations over the course of the two-day event, and pulled out the best parts of those interviews as a high-level overview for you to enjoy. 

Check-out the summary of our conversations below and listen to the full podcast to learn more.

How do I tell if I’m doing well? What can I do better?

Lots of customers who switch onto the Klaviyo platform experience immediate gains in revenue. However, not everyone knows exactly what “good” should look like. One particular customer was getting over 60% open rates and wasn’t sure how good that actually was. Hint: That’s REALLY good! Many customers came into our 1:1 sessions looking to benchmark themselves and gather ideas for improvement.

What features should I be using?

Ecommerce professionals tend to wear a lot of different hats, and email marketing isn’t their sole focus. As a result, many came into their 1:1 session looking to learn about new features that they didn’t know about yet, but could help them increase the revenue they generate through email. In one case, a customer learned everything there was to know about the Customer Lifetime Value data that’s exposed on every profile in their account. Once they learned they could use CLV data to create targeted audiences, they were pumped to get back to the office and use it to their advantage.

What are the next steps for each part of my funnel?

List growth, generating more web sales, and repeat purchasing are revenue generating topics our customers are always interested in. Many came to 1:1 sessions asking what step they should take next in any one of those categories to get better results. Our experts advised on strategies for all of these use cases: leveraging Facebook Custom Audiences for list growth, targeting content in Welcome Series to drive more sales, and creating a Post-Purchase flow for repeat buying.

How do I fix my integrations? Can I get more out of them?

Klaviyo offers a lot of connections to many platforms and applications. These integrations can be challenging for customers on a day to day basis since multiple technologies are involved, however, integrations also hold a massive amount of benefit in the form of data. Helping customers with less technology experience understand the basics of how the back-end of the integration works provides a better foundation for a customer to build upon their integrations, solve unique use cases, and get better results.

Listen to the podcast to hear more and keep a look out for future episodes that will dive deeper into these topics.

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