Let Klaviyo pay you in carbon offsets: what you need to know

Want Klaviyo to plant a tree on your behalf? There are three steps:

  1. Share this article on your social media with the hashtag #GoGreenWithKlaviyo
  2. Klaviyo will plant a tree
  3. You feel fantastic about yourself (and hopefully someone learns about sustainability)

Every time someone shares this article + hashtag, @Klaviyo will plant a tree 🌳♻️

(Plus, maybe someone will learn about how to make their business more sustainable in a way that customers actually back with 💰)https://t.co/zJROIahl9k#GoGreenWithKlaviyo

— Aubrey Harper (@Aubrey__Harper) January 12, 2022

Wait, what? Why we’re doing this

As part of Klaviyo’s recent study on UK consumer shopping habits, we learned why people struggle to shop sustainably—like the financial burden of it. 

We believe that sustainability is crucial—and that it’s largely the responsibility of businesses, not consumers. 

We also believe in having control over our marketing, and reducing reliance on third-party advertisers. Even before data privacy changes, paid advertising gives third parties control over how brands interact with their customers.

So instead of putting a paid ad budget behind our latest blog on sustainable ecommerce, we’ll use that money for something better—something greener.

For each share of this recent article with the hashtag #GoGreenWithKlaviyo by Earth Day (April 22, 2022), we’ll plant one tree. By sharing data about how ecommerce brands can help their customers shop more sustainably, you’ll actually be contributing to the sustainability movement.

We know—it’s small. But if we can prove that people like you will take time out of their day for sustainability, these small things add up and make a real difference.

It’s time for brands (including us) to step up. For the planet and for our customers.

Want some inspiration?

Use any of these as templates for your own post:

  • Consumers say they care about sustainability—their wallets say otherwise. Here’s what brands need to know about it: klaviyo.com/blog/uk-sustainable-ecommerce-consumer-data #GoGreenWithKlaviyo
  • Sharing this link so Klaviyo will plant a tree on my behalf! klaviyo.com/blog/uk-sustainable-ecommerce-consumer-data #GoGreenWithKlaviyo
  • Sharing this article about sustainability in ecommerce. To say thanks, Klaviyo’s planting a tree for me—and they’ll do it if you share, too. klaviyo.com/blog/uk-sustainable-ecommerce-consumer-data #GoGreenWithKlaviyo
  • Top 3 reasons people don’t shop sustainably and more in this article → klaviyo.com/blog/uk-sustainable-ecommerce-consumer-data #GoGreenWithKlaviyo
  • If sustainability is number 7 out of 8 for consumers… Can brands actually make money AND become more eco-friendly? This article explains → klaviyo.com/blog/uk-sustainable-ecommerce-consumer-data #GoGreenWithKlaviyo

Awesome data from Klaviyo – time to put sustainability on your strategy and start helping customers back the better decision!#GoGreenWithKlaviyo https://t.co/E8uHiBrkuO

— Keep Optimising Marketing Podcast (@keepoptimising) January 13, 2022


Awesome data from Klaviyo – time to put sustainability on your strategy and start helping customers back the better decision!#GoGreenWithKlaviyo https://t.co/E8uHiBrkuO

— Keep Optimising Marketing Podcast (@keepoptimising) January 13, 2022


Why plant a tree?

Did you know that a tree absorbs 48 pounds of CO2 per year for every year of its life? Decarbonization (AKA, removing harmful carbon from the atmosphere) isn’t the only way we need to treat our planet better, but it’s a start.

Are there any limits to how many trees Klaviyo will plant?

We want to plant as many trees as possible! Unfortunately, we do not have an unlimited tree planting budget, so participants are limited to one tree per social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn). Bonus question: Does that mean you can still post on all four platforms? YES. You go, you tree lover.

We currently have a budget allotted to plant 1,000 trees—if we exceed that (and we’d love to!) we’ll reevaluate how many additional trees we can plant.

Are you actually going to buy a tree on my behalf?

Yes! You (like consumers who fear greenwashing) are skeptical—we get it. That’s why we’ll share how many shares the article got (and how many trees we’ve purchased) on Earth Day (April 22, 2022).

What organization are you using to plant the tree?

We will donate to JUST ONE TREE, a UK-based organization that plants trees as close to the equator as possible, which leads to the highest impact on carbon emissions.

How and when will you make the donation?

After 12:00 pm GMT on April 22, 2022, we will count all shares of the hashtag on LinkedIn and Twitter to make the corresponding donation to JUST ONE TREE that day.

Any more questions?

Email Aubrey Harper at aubrey.harper@klaviyo.com with any additional questions about #GoGreenWithKlaviyo—you might just get an unbeleafable tree pun in my response.

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