Getting Started with Klaviyo Just Got (Even) Easier

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Here at Klaviyo, our goal is to enable marketers to send more relevant and targeted emails and ads — so, it only made sense that we should take the same approach in our user experience.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our new Getting Started page, which is now tailored to each new user’s needs and is designed to better facilitate the setup process. Our team worked hard to improve this process and we would love to share with you what we changed, how we decided to change it, and why.

The Changes We Made

Before we pull back the curtain on what drove the changes we made, let’s take a look at Klaviyo’s brand new Getting Started page.

1. Streamlined Design
All the actions that existed in the original Getting Started page are still available, but they’re not taking key real estate away from the most important steps. Now, this page focuses on Klaviyo’s core capabilities so you can start leveraging our platform to send more targeted emails right away.

getting started with klaviyo

2. Smart Buttons to Track the Actions You’ve Completed
We’ve also changed the way you interact with the Getting Started page. Before, if you clicked an action, the button would turn from blue to gray. Now, the button will only change color if you complete the recommended step, not if you simply click it. This visual difference will help you keep track of the actions you actually have and haven’t taken. Plus, it confirms when you’ve set up each step.

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3. Customized Interface
We’ve tailored the getting started experience based on the information you shared with us in the Setup Wizard. Ecommerce users will be met with a uniquely targeted Getting Started experience. This experience will even differ depending on whether you’ve already integrated your store’s platform or not.

Non-ecommerce users will see a page customized for their needs as well, with calls to action that speak to their unique getting started process.

How We Did It

Our original Getting Started page was designed to highlight just how powerful Klaviyo is. But we discovered that all of these features in one place could be a little overwhelming for new users, so we streamlined this page to include only the essentials.

Gathering Intel
Our product duo, Jake and Alexandra, set out to make the Getting Started page more efficient and user-friendly. First, they spoke with a range of Klaviyo customers to learn what they considered to be the most important steps to get started. Then, they dug down into our customer data to see which features make the most money, and connected with other teams within the company for input on what aspects of the Getting Started process could be improved.

Through this effort, our product team pulled together core insights regarding getting started with Klaviyo. Here are a few examples:

  • Users can’t fully leverage our flow and segmentation features without first integrating a data source (i.e. an ecommerce or fundraising platform)
  • Built-in flows are easy to set up and customers see results fast, so we should help new users configure them early on
  • It is important to start collecting new contacts and cultivate an engaged email list, so during onboarding users should focus on getting one or more sign up forms integrated with Klaviyo
  • Sending the first newsletter campaign helps users get into a regular cadence

With their detective work complete, Jake and Alexandra collaborated with our Engineering Team to create a clearer UI that prioritizes these four points.

Walking a Mile in Our Customers’ Shoes
To provide a more relevant user experience, our product team took a walk in our customers’ shoes. They already had a solid understanding of our customer base, which is primarily ecommerce. They thought about how an ecommerce marketer would want to set up their account and created a page tailored to these needs. Notably, they made the Getting Started page interactive for ecommerce users, so each step’s call to action changes slightly depending on which actions someone has already taken.

Non-ecommerce organizations (nonprofits, web apps, blogs, etc.) will see a Getting Started page designed to meet their needs, too. This version of the prioritizes setting up automated flows to start sending emails right away.

Why We Did It

We want our customers’ first experience with Klaviyo to align with our overall mission: to make marketing smarter, relevant, and more efficient. That’s why we revamped our Getting Started page to better suit the needs of our customer base. We’ve equipped you with everything you need to get up and running quickly and effectively.

This update is part of a continued effort to make our onboarding process smoother and even easier, so stay tuned for more!


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