Feature Launch: View the Billing History for Your Klaviyo Account

We’re excited to announce that you are now able to review your billing history within your Klaviyo account. This administrative feature will simplify how you organize your financial records, alert you to any potential issues with processing your payments, and allow you to keep track of what plan upgrades you’ve made and when. You will be able to view the amount, a short description, the status, and the date of each payment. If you click into a particular payment, you will also be able to see a more detailed invoice that you can save for your records.

How to View Your Billing History

The “Billing History” tab is located in the administrative area of your account. To view your billing history, first click into the “Account” tab in the upper right corner of your account. From here, find the “Billing” tab and select “Billing History” from the dropdown. 

Profile___Account___KlaviyoThe first page will display the ten most recent payments you have made, but all historical payment data has been recorded as well.

Payment Details

In the “Invoice” column, there is a list of payment amounts, the invoice ID, and a link to a more detailed invoice for each individual payment. The next column is the “Description” column, which will indicate one of two things:

  1. If the bill was for a monthly payment, the description will indicate the size of the plan you were billed for and the time period for which you were on this plan.
  2. If the bill was for a plan upgrade, the description will indicate the size of the plan you switched to.

The “Payment Status” column will tell you whether a payment was made and when, or if a payment failed. The “Bill Date” column indicates the date the invoice was created. Please note that this is not necessarily the same date as when the card on file was actually charged.


For a more detailed view of each payment, you can also click on the invoice ID. In addition to the information that is displayed in the “Billing History” tab, you will see the name, street address, and email address of your organization. You will also see the last four digits of the card that was charged for the payment.



This new view of your billing history will simplify how you keep track of your financial records and notify you of any potential issues with processing your payments. By saving each invoice as a PDF file, you can also store these records privately. As always, if you ever have any questions about a payment, please feel free to reach out to our success team at success@klaviyo.com.

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Marissa Petteruti
Marissa started at Klaviyo on the Marketing team, and is now a technical writer on the Product Education team. She enjoys writing helpful content for our customers and training them on how to use the product.
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