4 Ways to Convert Visitors into Newsletter Signups

4 ways to convert visitors into newsletter sign-ups

You spend a lot of time and effort driving traffic to your site, and at Klaviyo we’ve been focused on ways to help you capture more email leads on your newsletter.

By sending a regular newsletter, even if your visitors aren’t ready to purchase when they first discover you, you can nurture them until they are ready. A great way to think about this is as your funnel – visitors arrive on site, sign-up for your newsletter, receive regular updates, and then eventually buy.

Pop-up Email Sign-ups

With just a few lines of code, you can add an email sign-up that pops up to visitors the first time they are on your site.

We use the email pop-up sign up form to grow our newsletter list on our individual blog posts:
Pop-up Email Newsletter Sign-up

You can easily customize the look and feel of the sign-up form, control which pages it appears on and how long it takes to appear.

Fly-Out Email Sign-ups

Another way to grow your email newsletter list is with the fly-out email sign-up:

Fly-out Newsletter Sign-up

These forms are a more subtle way to ask your visitors to join your list, and have settings to change how long and when they appear.

One great way to use the fly-out sign-up forms is to collect emails for different types of lists – for example, it’s easy to create a list tied to a specific collection or product launch.

The Classic Newsletter Sign-up

While pop-ups and fly-outs are an effective way to more directly prompt your users for sign-ups, the classic newsletter sign-up form still has a time and place. On our blog we use a classic newsletter sign-up box to immediately ask visitors to sign up for our newsletter.

Because these sign-up forms are embedded in the webpage, they can also be a great opportunity to collect more information on your newsletter sign-ups – names, interests, etc that you can later use to personalize your email newsletters and segment your email newsletter list.

PadiAct Integration

In addition to the above sign-ups, we also now have an integration with PadiAct. PadiAct’s forms and tools give you more control over targeting when and how forms appear.

Tactics for Ecommerce Stores to Grow their Newsletter List

Ok, so you’ve got the forms – now what? A few tactics for places Ecommerce stores can use forms to collect email sign-ups:

  • When visitors first visit your store (often a great time to include a discount)
  • When a visitor has looked at more than four products on your website
  • On your blog
  • On your About page

By using different forms and messaging at different times on your website, you’ll capture visitors in different ways.

Once you’ve collected the email, you’ll want to setup a standard series of welcome emails that automatically go out over the next few weeks. New newsletter sign-ups are some of your most interested potential customers – they signed up to hear more from you.

Setting up sign-up forms

You can learn more on how to add newsletter sign-up forms to your site.

Shopify stores can easily add pop-up and fly-out newsletter sign-ups to their store by making minor changes to their Shopify stores theme that don’t need any technical knowledge.

If you have  a Shopify, Magento or Bigcommerce stores, Klaviyo will also automatically capture sign-ups that occur during checkout.


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