Making Email Content Creation (Even) Fast(er)

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Even the best email marketing strategy around won’t get you too far if you haven’t nailed your email content. Don’t agree? Think about it. Let’s say you’re using key shopping events like product purchases and abandoned carts to trigger emails. You’re segmenting email subscribers based on their transaction history, website behavior, and demographic profile. You even make it a habit to check in on your performance and A/B test often.
But your email is ugly. Or boring. Or confusing. Where does that leave you?
Content still matters a lot. One of the biggest obstacles to email content creation is the time it takes to come up with a great idea and turn it into a clever, compelling piece of content. We want to make sure that all Klaviyo users have time to spend on the things that matter. That’s why we’ve released a couple of updates that will help our customers make the process of creating great content easier and faster than ever.

Announcing reusable custom content blocks

When you think about creating content for your emails, chances are that somewhere along the way you’re putting in a lot of quality time cutting and pasting. And cloning and editing past emails.
It’s infuriating.
You no doubt want to reuse several email components across many campaigns and flows. But you’re forced to recreate them over and over again. Not cool.
If you’re lucky enough not to relate to the experience, let’s walk through some examples:
1) You might want to have a consistent header that keeps your logo placement, padding, and header image size consistent.
2) You might want to build a special promotional call-out for a new product launch that uses the same background color, dimensions, and dynamic content across campaigns.
3) Or, maybe you use intricate table blocks to pull in dynamic content for your abandoned cart, browse abandonment, and order confirmation emails. You need the same layout and the same logic across emails in several flows.
As a general rule, drag and drop editors will force you to set up those blocks from scratch every time you want to use them in a new email. That’s why your copy and paste game is on point if you’re an email designer or marketer.
And, of course, if there are multiple elements that you want to reuse, you’re probably resigned to cloning the email and editing the duplicate. That can open a whole can of worms around editing the wrong version.
Well, we’re bucking the trend and declaring a new day for content creation. CTRL+C, be gone. Cloning emails? Laughable. Now, Klaviyo makes it easy for you to save important components into custom, reusable content blocks.
And for all the email designers out there, now you can get that perfect three column layout with precise padding between each column saved as a standard block. Ditto for that table you built out to pixel perfect precision.
Simply create it once and then click the star icon in the Klaviyo Template Editor to save the content block. It will instantly be available as a saved block for reuse in any emails you create in the future.
Using unique social media blocks for your footers? No sweat. Save them once, and your layout and custom Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter images will all be available for all your other templates.
Go ahead — clapping is an acceptable response here.

Direct access to template builder from flows

One of the promises we make to Klaviyo users is that we’ll get them up and running faster than any other ecommerce email automation software out there.
There are a couple of ways we do that.
First, we let people sign up for free and check out every single feature without paying. Our ecommerce platform integrations are more comprehensive but also way easier to deploy.
Second, we prebuilt entire email flows for things like abandoned cart series and other email flows based on best practices for timing, number of emails in the series, and content. All you need to do to launch those flows is to turn them on.
So, it’s already pretty fast to go from not having all your core ecommerce email flows set up to sending abandoned carts, welcome series, and winbacks. It took one recent user only 12 minutes to go from simply viewing the flows section in Klaviyo to setting their first flow in motion.
But 12 minutes isn’t good enough. Especially when we noticed how often our users go back and forth between configuring their email flows and customizing their content.
We’ve made it easier than ever to edit the content in your flows. Instead of toggling between the flows section and the template editor when you want to make changes or create content for multiple emails in a series, now you can see all the emails in the series in the editor itself. You can even jump between emails in different flows.

Voilà. Getting an abandoned cart series — or any other email flow — live just got faster!

Faster email content creation = more time for everything else

We know time is money. The time you save with reusable, saved blocks and the ability to toggle between templates in a flow series means more time you can spend growing your ecommerce business. Got more ideas for time-saving improvements – or general time-saving tips? Share them in the comments below!


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