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My daughter is learning the word “no”, and my husband and I try to have the same standards with what gets a “no” and what doesn’t. Climbing on the table? No. Climbing on lamps? No. We also stand firm wherever we may be – at home, on vacation, or visiting family. The consistency is paying off, as she’s starting to understand that climbing on furniture equals “no.” You should aim for the same consistency with email marketing content to ensure that your customers understand your messaging. Each message should have a consistent look and feel, and the offline experience should mirror the online experience to give a true integrated marketing experience. This cross-channel brand consistency is a key part of what we call omnichannel marketing.

I recently visited the brick-and-mortar store of DVF, a well-known fashion brand, and decided to explore their email marketing strategy to see if they were sending me content that was consistent with my in-store experience.

Why DVF?

Diane Von Furstenberg, also known as DVF, has developed a fashion empire that has global distribution in over 70 countries. The brand is known for its creative and bold use of colors and prints. The revolutionary wrap dress has become an iconic symbol of femininity and power for women everywhere, and has been worn by celebrities, politicians, and soccer moms alike.  

What I Did vs. What They Did

What I did

To find out if this company was doing everything that they could to provide the most relevant and engaging emails, I did just a little bit of detective work, including subscribing to their newsletters, abandoning a shopping cart full of goods, and buying a pouchette for my travel essentials.


Here’s what I purchased



DVF’s Mantra Canvas Pouchette – a cute little inspirational carrier for holding my travel essentials.


What they did

I received a welcome series email, abandoned cart emails, post-purchase order and shipping confirmation emails, product, promotion, holiday, and event emails.

See the complete teardown

Interested in learning more about the email strategy of DVF? View our complete email strategy teardown – including timeline and content previews.

Check Out the Email Strategy Teardown


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  • Thank you for this teardown. I’m still in infant learning stages of managing Klaviyo and overall email marketing workflow for my own store, and I find these type of stories and insights very helpful. Looking for forward to seeing more.

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