Ecommerce Blog Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Having a blog is essentially best practice 101 for modern marketing. We all know we should have a blog and if you’ve figured out the right blog strategy for your ecommerce store it can be a killer tool to draw in new visitors and keep others coming back for more.

But what is the quickest way to kill a great blog post? Messing up distribution and promotion.

If you’re promoting your blog content with email, make sure you’re not guilty of making these email marketing mistakes for your ecommerce blog.

Lacking a defined brand voice

Do your emails all sound like they’re coming from different people? James Nuttall, Content Specialist for Ben Sherman explains how ecommerce stores can fix this issue.

“Many ecommerce businesses make the fatal mistake of having inconsistent styles in their marketing campaigns. This is especially common in companies that have more than one copywriter or e-marketer; each have their own individual style and don’t adhere to a set tone of voice or design layout. This leads to serious inconsistencies with your branding, which is confusing and tedious to your email recipients.”

If the tone of your copy goes from oh so serious in one email to jokes galore in the next, you may be seriously confusing your audience. Ben suggests, and we agree creating a set of brand guidelines so that the voice of your company is consistent across all of your content.

Sloppy copy

Typos are the damn worst. For some reason immediately after sending out an email, I always get about five seconds of panic that there’s a typo, even if I’ve proofread it four times.

Sloppy copywriting skills is a bad look overall but the marketing team over at Skubana learned the hard way that it’s pretty easy to make your audience angry. When they sent out an email with their company named spelled incorrectly as well using a placeholder merge tag for a personalized greeting that appears just as <<First Name>>.

The end result? Their audience sort of went nuts. Skubana received over 150 different comments on various channels about the copy mistakes.

Over promising, under delivering

You know you’re better than click bait, okay not better but click bait on the regular is something you should know is a marketing no-no. Clickbait subject lines are a quick way to kill your brand reputation and frankly, just tick off your audience (again).

While a quick spike in open rates can feel pretty awesome, this trick won’t last forever as your audience wises up. If you’re looking to improve your subject lines check out these techniques for writing better subject lines.

Boring subscribers by always publishing the same type of content

Variety is the spice of life or something, right? If you’re struggling with click-through rates or even open rates, it may be because your audience isn’t responding to they way in which you’re communicating with them. While it can be tempting and a time saver to type up a few lines of text or quote directly from your content, it can leave subscribers really bored.

Experimenting with new types of content can give your blog email content a boost. I’m wildly passionate about using video content in both blog content and in email. It’s a unique way to grab the attention of your audience and the barrier to entry isn’t that high.

Neglecting plain text formatting

Once you’ve turned round the corner to beautifully designed emails, it can be easy to think that is the only way your audience will see them. But not testing your emails in plain text formatting can be disastrous.

Erica Baity of ecommerce design agency, Social Cre8ive describes, “Yes, we know the beauty that HTML formatting can bring to our customer’s inbox but there are situations where the email recipient’s renderer will default to text format. Emails should be easily viewable in either format with the proper alternate text used as image placeholders. My recommendation is for bloggers to ensure that they test their email rendered view in both HTML and plain text to confirm the email is delivered the way it’s intended to be.”


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