How We Used Klaviyo to Deliver and Measure Content at Klaviyo:BOS

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Creating personalized customer experiences is the future of ecommerce. When we hosted over 350 customers and partners at Klaviyo:BOS’18, the attendee experience was our main focus. An important part of that experience was access to the deep dive content and resources from the event.

We were excited to showcase Klaviyo’s abilities by using our own platform to provide conference attendees live access to all of the resources, slides, and content from the conference. Let’s look at how we did it!

The content experience

Imagine: you snagged a front row seat at the main stage of Klaviyo:BOS’18. You’re about to hear an industry-renowned deliverability expert lay out the key steps to ensure your emails avoid the spam folder. The lights dim. The show starts. The tips and takeaways are tremendous! You can’t wait to bust out your laptop and test drive them in your Klaviyo account. After the presentation ends, you find yourself thinking, “Wait, what was the second takeaway on the last slide?”

If you were at Klaviyo:BOS, accessing all the content before, during, and after the conference was simple. Conference attendees only had to tap a button on their phones to opt in to receiving content from any or all of the 4 tracks and nearly 50 presentations.

Moments later, a friendly email appeared. This message served up a link to our Klaviyo:BOS portal page, with the session slides and related resources.

The best part of this story (besides the content), is that Klaviyo was powering the engine. Klaviyo recorded the custom opt-in events. Klaviyo triggered a flow with emails specific to the session. And Klaviyo sent the session content.

So, how did we do it?

Building the app

First, we looked for an existing app to handle the mobile side of things. After proofing Guidebook, we knew it was a great choice. Guidebook provided an excellent template to handle all our conference needs. We could add a map, a schedule, and the ability to have users check-in with their existing social profiles. Most importantly, Guidebook allowed us to access the source code of our individual presentation pages, letting us mix in a little Klaviyo magic.

Per Thuy Vi, Director of Sales Development at Guidebook, “most folks want their users to be engaged but have not quite figured out what that really means for their organization. Klaviyo is making use of data in real-time, creating timely connections and deriving value from engagement touches in the app.”

Delivering the content

To start, we loaded our entire Klaviyo:BOS schedule into our Klaviyo-Guidebook app. This was not a simple feat! The conference had 3 session tracks, with 4 simultaneous presentations occurring at any one time.

Having the schedule in an app served the customer experience by cutting down on confusion, saving attendees time, and helping them plan which sessions to attend. Knowing they could get presentation content from the sessions they didn’t attend helped make decisions easier as well.

For each individual session, attendees could open a page in the app that displayed relevant information; including a speaker bio, the presentation slides, and any related resources. This is where the Klaviyo magic started.

Along with the basic session information, we added two things to each session page.

  1. A special opt-in link;
  2. A custom metric that triggered an event every time an attendee opted in to receive content – an “opted into Content” event.

Klaviyo customers, does this sound familiar? This is the same type of workflow that happens in your own Klaviyo account. Every time one of your customers performs a specific action on your site, an event is recorded in your Klaviyo account. These events include data you can use for segmentation and automated flows.

With our custom “Opted into Content” events firing, the rest was Klaviyo basics. We set up an automated email – or as we call them, flows – for each conference presentation session. When an attendee checked into a session, this triggered the flow. The flow then sent an email to the attendee.

The morning of Klaviyo:BOS, we set our flows live, then let the Klaviyo platform do the heavy lifting. Meanwhile, we spent the day interacting with an energetic group of Klaviyo customers and partners.

Measuring the results

But the story doesn’t end with happy attendees triggering flows and opening emails. To measure our own performance, we turned to the Analytics tab inside our Klaviyo staff account.

As you may know, the new Analytics tab allows you to create custom views with any of the metrics in your account. Bringing together metric data into a single screen makes answering questions about your business easy. For example, we wanted to know which session received the most requests for content.

It turns out we recorded each session check-in by the session ID. This was a good lesson for the future. Next time, we plan to pass the title of the session with our custom event in order to make reading our data faster and easier.

What about the total number of requests for content? Or the total number of unique requests?

The Analytics tab provided us a concise, flexible, and easy way to monitor and measure our content delivery.

The value of a data-driven marketing platform

Cool story, right? But, there’s one more important point to add, and I’ll try to do it justice with a personal anecdote.

When I joined Klaviyo in early 2017, we had less than half the head count we have today and about a third of the customers. There was no visual flow builder, installing a signup form meant copy/pasting large chunks of code, and our overall app design could be best described as “engineer chic” (sorry AB!).

Even in this burgeoning state, I’ll never forget what our Senior Product Manager, Alex Edelstein, said across the interview table as she described the product to me, “Klaviyo is more than just a tool to send emails. Klaviyo is your data-driven, marketing platform.”

Klaviyo brings together a powerful API to track custom events, a visual automation builder to create complex workflows, and custom analytics dashboards to report out on all of this data. All this adds up to an awesome tool that gives you the power to create personalized and memorable experiences for your customers. One and a half years and one incredible conference later, I’m happy to see the company, and our awesome customers, proving this.

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