Work Smarter, Not Harder With Custom Analytics

Reporting is essential to any well-run business. As your brand grows, leveraging data to measure performance, align your teams, and drive action is mission-critical. You’re eager to understand the impact of your marketing efforts on your business and, since we built Klaviyo to help you grow, we’re just as eager to give you the reporting you need. 

Custom Analytics, our newest reporting tool, lets you dig into your performance in seconds, without copy-pasting from various sources. With Custom Analytics, you can spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing, strategizing, and growing.

Work smarter, not harder

Building a business is hard work. Having fast access to data is crucial. With Custom Analytics, go deep into any data that lives inside Klaviyo. You can answer questions on:

Inventory Management

Inventory management planning requires a firm understanding of how your products move. How does your revenue break down by product collection over the last year? Should you run a sale to clear remaining inventory in one area or plan to invest in a category that appears to be a rising star?

Funnel Optimization

Refreshing your product collections can cause shifts in conversion funnel activities like browse, checkout, and purchase. Are new collections getting attention but failing to convert at checkout? Are new products converting well but require better promotion to drive top-of-funnel engagement?

Email Marketing Optimization

If checkout conversions are declining, you may want to assess your strategy around cart abandonment workflows. How has each message within your abandoned cart flow performed cross key engagement metrics in the preceding months? Should you A/B test new content, experiment with discounts, or add more touchpoints?

Custom Analytics offers several focused starting points, each flexible and customizable, to make answering these questions more straightforward than ever. 

Getting started with Custom Analytics

Klaviyo’s new and improved Analytics tab lets you build familiarity with your data and then immediately put that knowledge to work to dig into performance. To get started with Custom Analytics, simply click “Create Custom Report.”

Custom Analytics offers five prebuilt starting points to help you dive into your business and marketing data in just a few clicks. 

Dig into a single metric, like Unsubscribes, to understand which marketing activities are driving people away. Build a robust multi-metric report to understand the relationship between Viewed Product, Placed Order, and Received Email, so you can get a feel for how many times people look at a product before buying and how email can influence the purchase.

The ability to group your analysis by profile and event properties means you can quickly answer questions like, “How does order volume compare across my loyalty tiers over the last quarter?” You can go even deeper and explore questions such as, “How are men vs. women converting from cart to purchase and who is spending more per order on average?”

With dedicated Campaign and Flow Performance Reports, you can build a customized marketing analysis with everything you’re looking for and nothing you’re not. 

Choose multiple conversion metrics to answer a specific question or analyze your complete purchase funnel. Filter by Tags and customize your timeframe to drill down to the exact information you need. Answer questions like, “How have my product launch campaigns performed over the last year?” and “Are any Flows seeing less sending activity over the last 90 days and how does this track against my revenue and Placed Order Rates?” 

How well do you understand what’s selling across your product catalog? With the Product Performance Report, you can analyze product performance across three key funnel metrics: browse, checkout, and purchase. 

In a few clicks, generate data to answer questions like, “What are my best selling products, month over month?” and, “Are any product collections seeing a higher drop off rate between browse-to-checkout or checkout-to-purchase?”

In ecommerce marketing, strategy is everything. Use Custom Analytics to understand what strategies are worth repeating and what you need to change up. This new reporting tool, the first of many to come, lets you track the metrics that matter, gain insights, identify opportunities, and deeply understand your growth.

The best part? You can get started with Custom Analytics in minutes. No new integrations, no developers, and no extra fees required. Dive into your data now by heading to the new Analytics tab in your Klaviyo account. 

For more awesome ideas to get the most value out of this tool, check out our strategy guide and help documentation.

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