Cleaning Your Data so You Can Focus on Strategy

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Impactful data is the difference between marketing strategies that drive sales and conversions, and ones that send customers searching for the unsubscribe button. However, strategies will never amount to much if they aren’t informed by relevant, and more critically, accurate data. This is why good tools to maintain data consistency are so important.

Klaviyo has engineered a better way to maintain data integrity, to ensure you can rapidly react to any opportunity. The new import keeps your account data streamlined and makes sure all your data is actionable. And it starts as soon as you import your customers:

  1. Minimize properties. For each column of data in your import, you’ll have the option to a) create new properties or b) import into an existing property in your account
  2. Skip columns. If you have data in your file that you don’t want to bring into your account, skip that column. This makes it easy to keep your account from bloating with irrelevant information.
  3. Define data types. No more worrying about inserting customer data in a format that makes it inactionable. Klaviyo will skip this data, and notify you with exactly what was skipped and why so you can make the necessary changes to bring the right data in.
  4. Save time with automapping. We’ll connect data that fits one of our standard properties or any existing custom property in your account automatically. For things we can’t automap, you tell us what the data should connect to and we’ll remember both the mapping and the data type to save you time during your next import.

Our new tools for keeping your data tidy, correct, and consistent will help you learn faster and work smarter. Try building segments or flows using the data you’ve imported. As always, if you have any ideas or suggestion for how we can help you grow, please email with the subject line “I have an idea”.


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