Blank Label Increases Sales via Customer Lifecycle Management

We recently sat down with Fan Bi, Chief Shirt at Blank Label, to learn more about how they are using Klaviyo to improve their marketing and better understand their customers – as well as to learn more about the joys of a custom dress shirt.

Tell us a little more about Blank Label…

Blank Label is a custom dress shirt brand. We exist to help men be better. Custom is for those who appreciate the fit and finish of something made for their body, not for a hanger.

What does Blank Label use Klaviyo for? 

We have two main uses of Klaviyo:

1. To better understand our customers’ behavior. With Klaviyo we are able to segment our 13,000 plus customers with almost every combination of filtering, from where they came from, how much they’ve spent, whether they’ve required customer service help, etc. From there we’re able to answer interesting questions, including:

  • Did customers who originated from Google spend more than those from Facebook over the last 6 months?
  • Did customers who received email newsletters spend more or less than those who did not?
  • Etc

2. With those various segments created in Klaviyo, we can then email them individually directly from Klaviyo. Rather than sending just a generic email newsletter, you can send a much more personalized message based on, for instance, the fact they have purchased three times in the last year but not in the past six months, or that they’ve purchased a five times in the past three months and you want to send them a thank you email.

Who are some of the key groups of customers you focus on in Klaviyo?

We have created over 20 groups of customers in Klaviyo to focus on – everything from filtering based on amount customers have purchased, the time period they’ve been a customer, and how long a customer has been inactive.

The most interesting group is perhaps one defined as “high spenders who haven’t spent with us in 180 days”. Our top quartile of customers make up a significant portion of our sales and so we can now be much more on top of them churning, and do everything possible to get in front of them before they completely turn away.

How has Klaviyo changed what you do on a daily basis? 

We were doing customer segmentation based off of a couple of variables all in excel. What used to take me 5 hours now takes 5 minutes, and I’m able to get an order of magnitude deeper analysis.

Once customers have been emailed, Klaviyo tracks how their customers behavior changes over time.

What are some of tangible impacts you’ve seen on your business and customers?

Our quantitative analysis has shown us that we’ve been able to recapture at least a couple hundred of lost, inactive customers just by using Klaviyo in the past several months.


Try Klaviyo today with no commitment to see how it can help you better understand and market to your current customers.


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