Back-to-School Plans for Grade School Students

Back-to-school is top of mind for consumers as many parents of grade school-aged students, as well as their friends and relatives, are still unsure of what the fall will look like. 

In a recent survey, these consumers shared what they know about how schools plan to teach courses in the fall, what types of items parents plan to purchase for their children this year, and how much they’re planning to spend on back-to-school shopping.

Here are some insights from the parents and friends of grade school-aged children on their back-to-school plans this year.

School openings

Across the country, schools have been making various plans for how grade school children should return to school in the fall. 

In response to our survey, the majority of respondents said that grade school will be open partially during the week and supplemented with online learning. Another 20 percent of respondents said that grade school would be opening full-time for in-person learning and 16 percent said that grade school classes will be taught entirely online.

But 14 percent of respondents are still unsure whether their grade school-aged children will be returning to school and another 12 percent are unsure of how their children will be learning in-person or online.

Back-to-School purchases

Will back-to-school purchasing habits change this year, especially with so many schools including online learning in the curriculum? Survey respondents shared whether they were planning to purchase items for back-to-school in different categories than usual. 

Electronics is by far the most popular new spending category amongst respondents and this surge in spending is in-line with the prediction in the recent insights on back-to-school consumer shopping.

With this increase in purchases of electronics, laptop computers are the most popular new device being purchased for grade school-aged children, with headphones coming in a close second as parents presumably try to improve the experience of digital learning and eliminate distractions. 

Back-to-school spending

While a large number of respondents plan to purchase expensive electronics like laptop computers for their grade school-aged children before the new school year begins, more than half of respondents don’t plan to spend more than usual on back-to-school shopping compared to a normal school year.

In fact, 27 percent of respondents plan to spend less on back-to-school shopping than they would’ve in preparation for a typical school year. This may be because they aren’t investing in as many back-to-school categories outside of electronics, such as apparel or office supplies, due to uncertainty around whether classes will be held online or in-person.

Final thoughts

Many families are still unsure of whether they’ll be sending their grade school-aged children back to school this year, while most are preparing for a combination of in-school and at-home learning. 

With so many schools including online learning as part of the back-to-school plan for grade school students, parents are planning on purchasing more electronics than usual before the start of the school year, particularly laptop computers and headphones.

Overall, though, parents don’t plan to spend more than usual on back-to-school shopping than they have in the past.

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