Automated Email Best Practices – Quarterly Contribution Flow

Communicating the right number of times after somebody makes a contribution can have a big impact on their long term support. Sending too many emails can drive higher unsubscribe rates, making it very difficult to engage and raise money from those people in the future. On the other hand, not communicating enough can hurt your supporter engagement and might lead to your supporters deciding your work is not important because they become uniformed.

Deciding on when to send is a tough question that doesn’t necessarily have a right answer. There are strategies you can use however, to engage your supporters consistently over time to maintain your relationship with them. One of the tools you can use to do that is a Quarterly Contribution Flow.

What is a Flow?

Similar to a drip campaign, a flow is a series of emails triggered by actions your supporter takes. For example, you could send an automated thank you note whenever someone makes a contribution or a welcome email when someone join a list.

The Quarterly Contribution Flow

The Quarterly Contribution Flow (QCF) is a triggered email that goes out 90 days after someone has contributed. This allows you to engage your donor every quarter, but never right after a donation was made so you aren’t over-communicating.

The content that goes into your QCF is just as important as the timing. The goal is to provide new and interesting content, for example key recent accomplishments (Klaviyo has a built-in template for this setup to provide multiple updates). Give them a brief description of what you’ve been up to with a link to find out more. Help them make the connection between how their past contributions have made an impact and have directly helped the cause you’re working towards.

Finally, you should include a call to action. Ask for an additional contribution and suggest a contribution amount that is 5%-15% larger than their last (depending on the size of their last donation).  To learn more about creating a great call to action, click here. Over time you should see the QCF push your repeat donation rate and average donation size up, both things that can help you meet your fundraising goals.


Reaching out to each supporter at the right time with relevant content should be one of your top priorities and can be accomplished with the Quarterly Contribution Flow. Adding the QCF to your email strategy will help you add some consistent messaging that will help you increase your repeat rate and drive up your average donation size.

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