New report: Abandoned Cart Benchmarks

abandoned cart benchmarks

Today marks the official launch of our ecommerce industry benchmark report on abandoned carts.

It takes several steps for an ecommerce shopper to go from visiting an online store to buying a product and becoming a customer. The customer needs to find your site, browse your products, pick a product they like, add it to their cart, enter credit card details, and finally make their purchase. A lot could go wrong in that buying window.

If you’re an ecommerce store, then you know how frustrating it is when a shopper makes it all the way to the end, only to abandon their cart, leaving you wondering “what happened?”

You can’t let it get to you — It happens. In fact, between April 1 and June 30, 2017, nearly three thousand US-based Klaviyo customers had a little over 9M shoppers abandon a cart. If you’re a Klaviyo customer, it’s a safe bet that you’re as big of a fan of data-driven marketing as us. So we decided to look at those customers abandoned cart emails to see if we uncover anything interesting.

Digging into the data

We put on our swim trunks and dove head first into our abandoned cart data to see what makes for a successful abandoned cart email. We looked at the tactics, strategy, and other elements of abandoned cart emails — and some of the results were very surprising.

For instance, our analysis found that:

  • Abandoned carts made our customers more than 60 million dollars!
  • 80% of our customers sent three emails or less in their abandoned cart series. The lowest series was a single email, whereas our largest series was 27 emails!
  • Subject lines that included an emoji had an open rate of 39.09%.
  • Abandoned carts that had a coupon code had a click-through rate of 10.85%.
  • Customers who are testing their abandoned cart emails received an open rate of 45.88%.

These stats are only a fraction of what we found when researching abandoned carts. We looked at exactly how many emails you should send, the best performing subjects lines, which types of discounts work the best and more. We’ve laid out everything you need to craft the perfect abandoned cart email.

To access the complete report and all the interactive visualizations that go with it, just pop on over.

Check out the abandoned cart benchmark report.

Interested in learning more about creating and optimizing abandoned cart automations? Check out these shopping cart abandonment resources.

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