7 Reasons to Come to Klaviyo:BOS in September


Temps are rising. Days are getting longer. Grills are heating up. Beaches are calling. With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to think about your fall event schedule. Wait, what?!

You’re probably thinking, “Jon… why are you trying to rush us through summer?” Don’t worry, I’m not. But there’s something on the other side of summer you won’t want to miss, so now’s the time to plan for it. Klaviyo:BOS

Klaviyo:BOS 2019 is a one-of-a-kind event that’ll help you take your ecommerce marketing to the next level. 

Taking place in Boston, MA September 25-26, this event brings together hundreds of the most innovative, fastest-growing direct to consumer (DTC) brands on the planet, along with industry thought leaders, partners, and expert product specialists who’ll share real-world examples and actionable strategies that’ll help you own the entire customer experience and grow your brand. 

Plus, it’ll have wicked awesome parties (can you tell I’m from Boston?) and networking events to round out the experience. 

Wondering why you, specifically, should make the trek to Boston? Here are seven reasons to come to Klaviyo:BOS: 


1 | Surround yourself with hundreds of the fastest-growing DTC brands around the globe.

Where else can you mingle with a community of like-minded marketers and CEOs of today’s fastest-growing ecommerce companies in one place? None other than Boston, MA. 

Throughout the event, the parties, the happy hours, and in the VIP community lounge, you’ll have the chance to share ideas, collaborate, and create business opportunities to grow your brand—no matter the size and stage of your business. 


2 | Get actionable strategies and tactics you can use to grow your business. 

Many conferences tout awe-inspiring keynotes and blow-your-mind breakout sessions, which are all well and good. But too many leave you with nothing actionable you can take back to your business. Not Klaviyo:BOS. 

With more than 50 sessions, experts will share data-backed insights, creative strategies, inspiring examples, and actionable takeaways you can use to drive your ecommerce revenue and fuel your brand’s growth. 

We know your time is valuable and you’re coming to learn something, so we’ve built an agenda designed to give you real, useful information that’ll help you grow your business. Stay tuned for more details about sessions and speakers! 


3 | Learn how to master your marketing through the channels you own.

Algorithms change all the time, leaving brands scrambling to figure out how they can most effectively use those channels to grow their businesses with the limited time and budget they have to spend. It’s time to take more control of your brand’s destiny and put the power back in your hands. 

Klaviyo:BOS will help you learn how to better use the channels you already own—your website, email, and mobile—to build better relationships with your customers and drive your growth. 


4 | Interact with Klaviyo product experts.

Klaviyo’s product experts will be on-site throughout the entire event to give you undivided attention, professional advice, and support with tools and strategies you can use to make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient. 

Do you have questions you need to be answered or a scenario you want to talk through? Klaviyo experts will be out in full force, ready to help you live on-site. 


5 | Get a first look at Klaviyo’s new and exciting features.

Klaviyo is constantly innovating and releasing new and exciting product features with one goal: they’re designed to help you grow. 

Get a sneak peek at what’s coming soon before anyone else and learn how to use new features to boost your brand’s success. 


6 | Network with the best and brightest leaders at the forefront of the ecommerce industry.

When it comes to growing your business, there’s no better way to learn how to level up than by taking lessons from some of the fastest-growing companies in your industry. 

Leaders from some of the world’s fastest-growing brands—whether they’ve just started up or they’ve already scaled—will come to collaborate with you at this event. 


7 | Boston’s weather is unpredictable, but for a few weeks in September… it’s absolutely magical. 

Ok, so maybe this isn’t a full-fledged reason to attend. But how many of us have schlepped ourselves to events in cities where the weather’s been absolutely horrible? This won’t be the case in Boston in September. You’ll see how stunning the city is and you’ll have an enjoyable experience away from home. 


There are lots of reasons why Klaviyo:BOS should be on the top of your events list this year, but they all boil down to one thing: at Klaviyo:BOS, you’ll learn how to grow your business. 

Attendees who came to the 2018 inaugural event saw their revenue increase by approximately 25 percent. Compare that to the revenue of those brands that didn’t attend last year and you can see it’s well worth the time and price of admission to come to Boston and learn how to own your marketing and grow your business. 

Ticket prices go up at the end of June, so save your spot today at the lowest rate possible. Use code BLOG2019 to save $300 off early bird rates and put the money you save toward your trip or back into your business! I look forward to meeting you in Boston!

Learn how to own your marketing and grow your business at Klaviyo:BOS. Register today! 

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