5 Tips to Help You Send Your Daily Newsletter Faster


If you’re an email marketer sending a daily newsletter, you’re probably used to working under a time crunch. You’re probably also always searching for ways to facilitate the campaign drafting process, which is why I’ve put together five tips to help you hit send on your daily newsletters.

1. Set Aside Time to Flesh Out Newsletter Templates

You may have several different templates that you alternate from day to day, which presents a problem if you simply clone the campaign from the previous day, since the template layout may not be right. While it’s a time investment upfront, taking an hour or two to perfect two to three different newsletter templates will save you a ton of time in the long run. If you already have several campaigns that you like, save them as templates.

2. Give Your Campaigns Descriptive Names

If you alternate newsletter templates from day to day, label your campaigns in a way that distinguishes one template from another — 3-10-2016 Newsletter (A), 3-11-2016 Newsletter (B), for example. That way, you can clone the correct campaign in a pinch if you haven’t made it a template. Likewise, if you made a significant change to your template in one of your campaigns that you think you may want to reuse, indicate this in the title.

3. Keep Your Images Organized

When you’re working quickly, it’s incredibly easy to become disorganized and save all the images you need for your daily newsletter to your desktop. Avoid this practice. Files will start to accumulate, and eventually you’ll have to sift through hundreds of images to find the right one. Store your images in different folders for each campaign, and give your images descriptive titles so you can search for them easily.

4. Send Yourself a Test Newsletter First

There are several reasons you should send yourself a test email before sending it to your entire campaign, but they all boil down to checking for mistakes you might have overlooked in a hurry. Since your preheader text is usually subtle and in a smaller font than the rest of your email, it can be easy to miss, especially if it’s been carried over from cloning a previous campaign. If you send yourself a test email, it will be immediately obvious in the inbox preview if you’ve overlooked your preheader text.

Secondly, sending yourself a test email will allow you to determine if your links are correct. Again, this is especially important if you’re working off of a cloned campaign, as some of the links may be broken or outdated. Click all images, buttons, and other links to make sure they lead back to where they’re supposed to.

5. Adapt Copy from Other Sources

When you’re drafting your newsletter, odds are the content corresponds directly with either a page on your site, a blog post, or something similar. Instead of starting from scratch, adapt the copy in your email from one of these sources. If you’re linking to a blog post, for instance, provide a short summary of what the post is about, but don’t give everything away. You want to encourage your subscribers to click to read the full post.

Do you have any additional tips on how to send your daily newsletter faster? Let me know in the comments!

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