3 Simple Ways to Boost Your 2020 Email Marketing Strategy


Now that the whirlwind of Black Friday and Cyber Monday has come and gone and the holidays are nearly over, planning your 2020 marketing strategy should be top of mind. The last week of the year is a great opportunity to take a step back and review what you already have set up, identify any gaps, and plan to fill them as you get ready for the year ahead.

Here are three key steps you can take to gear up for a killer 2020.

1. Plan your content calendar

Any marketer knows that having a content calendar is an essential tool to keep you on track when it comes to communicating consistently with your core audience. But it can sometimes be difficult to see the forest through the trees. 

Wondering what tools to use, what content to send, who to send it to, and when to send it? Check out this guide to planning a content calendar to learn more. 

While there’s a lot to do as a new year begins, don’t let your content plan fall by the wayside. Otherwise, you’ll be playing catchup to initiate new subscribers and customers into your brand and miss out on opportunities to develop relationships with them as soon as possible.

2. Fill in content gaps with marketing automation

You likely already have a core group of marketing automations set up (flows, as we call them). Some of the most impactful ecommerce flows include abandoned carts and welcome series

But what are some other types of flows you can set up to supplement your overall email marketing strategy? 

The best way to think this through is to map out your customer journey and identify the key touchpoints at which you want to reach people. 

Consider setting up:

  • A product review flow to encourage user-generated content post-purchase.
  • A repeat purchase nurture flow to target customers after their expected date of next order to prompt them to buy again. This utilizes a data science feature that dynamically calculates when customers are expected to purchase again.
  • A sunset flow to gently break up with inactive customers. 

3. Explore new marketing channels

You’re likely already using Facebook and Instagram to acquire new customers, but it doesn’t hurt to reassess how you’re using these channels.

To learn how you can take your social marketing to the next level with techniques like targeting lapsed VIPs with a special UTM to offer them a discount on-site and more, check out this guide to advanced segmentation.

You can also supplement your other marketing efforts with a whole new channel and send updates directly to your subscribers’ phones. SMS is a great tool—especially when used in conjunction with email—to establish a consistent experience for your customers across multiple platforms and devices.

See how you can use Klaviyo to send SMS messages. 

Once you have all these strategies in place, check out industry benchmarks and gauge your performance against them to learn how to refine your strategy further and drive more sales. 


Learn more about ecommerce email marketing industry benchmarks.  


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