11 Abandoned Cart Resources to Increase Conversions

If you’re familiar with email marketing then you’ve heard of abandoned cart emails. Abandoned carts can be a high converting email. If done right, you’ll be able to successfully turn those “almost” customers into “actual” customers. But it takes more than simply emailing them after they’ve abandoned their cart. So I grabbed our best posts … Continued

The Best Free Stock Photos Websites [25+ sites]

Stock photos are expensive. That’s no secret. They’re prices can reach the hundreds and thousands depending on the use case and quality. And while they definitely have their time and place, they’re not always needed. Sometimes all you need is a photo to spruce up your latest marketing campaign. This is where free online photo … Continued

How to Properly Sunset Inactive Subscribers

Not all inactive subscribers are created equal. There are some that are worth fighting for and some, who really shouldn’t get that much extra attention from you. By using actual sales data and designing win-back campaigns based off of that data you’re making sure that the people you’re sunsetting are really the ones that should be removed.

Why welcome emails matter [11 real life examples]

When someone subscribes to your newsletter, what does the very first email look like? What type content does it have? Is it a general promotional email that everyone else on your list is getting? Or is it a special “welcome email” that kicks off a “welcome flow” that is designed to better acquaint subscribers with … Continued