The Ecommerce Email Marketing Maturity Model

One of the questions our support and account management team get all the time is: “What the heck is everyone else doing?”

It’s clear that ecommerce marketers are constantly thinking about new ways they can grow their businesses and keep up with their peers. So we decided that it was high time for us to create a guide to help ecommerce marketers and shop owners discover how they stack up.

Add images to templates at lightning speed ⚡

Over the past few months, we’ve made strides to improve our WYSIWYG template editor to make it faster (and more fun) to build beautiful and engaging emails in Klaviyo. This month, it’s all about adding images into your templates as quickly as possible.

Welcome Series: Using Email Preferences to Drive Opens and Clicks

The welcome series is often times the best time and place to ask for your subscriber’s preferences. They just signed-up to receive information from you and thus they are more likely to read what you have to say. This gives you a unique opportunity to get the information you need and start personalizing things as soon as possible.