Our 5 Favorite April Fools Day Emails

We did a rundown of our five favorite emails that Klaviyo customers sent on April Fools’ Day. Holidays, no matter how minor, are always a great time to get creative and have some fun with your email marketing. Check out the emails below for inspiration!

Email Newsletter Spreadsheet Template for Nonprofts

When your day-to-day marketing strategy consists of multiple email newsletters per week, automated flows, marketing updates, event invites, and RSVPs, things can get a little crazy. Spreadsheets and lists can help you stay sane, but they can also help you and your team stay efficient and organized. We use spreadsheets all the time to plan our content strategy. Nonprofit … Continued

Common Dynamic Tagging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Dynamic tags are a key component of email personalization, since they allow you to leverage customers’ profile information to create customer-specific content within your email templates. The most common use of these dynamic tags is to refer to customers by their first names in order to send a more personalized, 1:1 message. A number of … Continued

Nonprofit Segmentation Best Practices (Infographic)

Targeting your supporters based on unique behaviors and traits will allow you to communicate with them in a more personal and effective way. The infographic below will show you some of those behaviors and traits and how you can use those to segment your supporter list.

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox

Understanding what visual cues attract people’s attention should inform your email marketing strategy. The eye is drawn to names, numbers, and images, so use these factors in your emails to increase your open rates.

Content Tips for Your Post-Purchase Emails

In this post, I’ll continue discussing this week’s theme: post-purchase emails. To briefly refresh your memory, I’ve already posted about the three types of post-purchase emails, when to send them, and how to segment them. Today, I’ll go over what content you should include in your post-purchase emails. Thank You First and foremost, your “thank … Continued