Our 10 Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Email Examples

We love St. Patrick’s day — and we really love St. Patrick’s day emails! That’s why we’ve put together a compilation of our ten favorite St. Patrick’s Day-themed email examples from this month. Holiday-themed newsletter emails are a great way to connect with your customer base by offering themed sales, coupon codes, or speciality products. St. Patrick’s … Continued

6 Segments to Target Using Facebook’s Custom Audiences

The ability to show specific Facebook ads to segments of your email list has revolutionized the way ecommerce brands interact with their subscribers on social media. Not only can you show targeted ads to your subscribers using Custom Audiences, you can also show ads to potential new subscribers using Lookalike Audiences. This presents a huge … Continued

Feature Launch: List Growth Reports

This week, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a feature to allow you to track how your lists have grown over time. These List Growth Reports will give you insight into how people subscribed to your lists, how they unsubscribed, and the rate at which your lists are growing. Since you will now be … Continued

4 Ways to Segment Your Abandoned Carts to Increase Conversions

Abandoned carts are at the core of many ecommerce brands’ email marketing strategies. While simply sending abandoned carts increases conversions by around $2,000 a month on average, you can segment your abandoned carts to even further increase conversions. Segmentation will help you get to the bottom of why a customer has abandoned a cart, which … Continued

Why to Send Birthday Emails to Your Subscribers

Birthday emails are a great way to strengthen customer loyalty and remind your subscribers that you’re thankful for their patronage. People appreciate this type of personalized email marketing — some studies have shown that birthday emails have a conversion rate that’s almost five times higher than that of typical, large-scale campaigns. So, create a birthday … Continued

How to Segment Your Newsletter Based on Frequency

If you’ve ever subscribed to a company’s newsletter, you may have found that they emailed you more frequently than you anticipated. Some brands even email their subscribers multiple times per day. For many new subscribers, this is simply too much, and coming on too strong can lead to premature unsubscribes. In order to avoid this, … Continued

How to Segment Your New Subscribers by Content Preference

When subscribers sign up for your email list, segment them by their personal preferences so you can deliver more targeted emails. One great way to segment new subscribers is by content preference. By asking your subscribers what type of content they would like to receive, you ensure that they don’t have to sift through numerous emails … Continued

How to Personalize any Email

Any ecommerce marketer knows that content varies from email to email. An image of an abandoned item would be out of place in a newsletter, for instance. But people respond to personalization — emails with a subscriber’s name in the subject line are 26% more likely to be opened, and that’s just one small way … Continued

Why every ecommerce store should use web tracking

Web tracking is an incredibly useful tool for ecommerce stores because it allows marketers to gather data on how subscribers interact with their website. If you don’t already have web tracking enabled for your ecommerce store, you should set it up to deliver more targeted emails to your subscribers.

5 Ecommerce Newsletter Templates

Newsletters are the foundational emails of any email marketing strategy, and oftentimes the starting point for new ecommerce stores. Having several different newsletter templates allows you to vary the layout of your emails in accordance with the content. Similarly, if you’re segmenting your newsletters based on subscriber preferences, you may need a different template for … Continued