Feature Spotlight: Automated Flows

Klaviyo’s automated flows distinguish us from other ESPs, especially since many of our best practice flows are already built in and can be enabled right on the Getting Started page. Flows are extremely effective in generating revenue, so it’s important that you’re making the most out of them. Without further ado, here are some tips … Continued

Feature Spotlight: Lists and Segments

Like multivariate testing, which we covered last week, lists and segments are at the core of Klaviyo’s functionality. Many other ESPs will charge you extra to segment lists, but Klaviyo offers the same features to all accounts – as such, lists and segments are some of our most-used and most useful features. Lists are static, … Continued

Feature Spotlight: A/B Testing

A/B Testing has always been one of Klaviyo’s core features. Unlike other email service providers, we include A/B Testing in all of our accounts, regardless of size, and for no additional fee. We also offer advanced analytics for each variation of your campaigns, so you can drill down deep to see how your tests fared. … Continued

Klaviyo for 3dcart

Today, we’re happy to announce that Klaviyo has partnered with 3dcart to give even more ecommerce store owners access to the premier email service provider in the industry. We can’t wait to expand our network and vastly improve email marketing for 3dcart users, and our integration is now live and available here. Here’s what 3dcart … Continued

What Google’s Customer Match Means for Klaviyo

[via Google] Earlier this week, Google announced Customer Match, a significant enhancement to Google AdWords that lets businesses import lists of email addresses and show specific ads to these lists, thus allowing for more personalized advertising. This functionality is conceptually the same as Facebook’s Custom Audiences, but takes this targeted, email-based advertising to a much … Continued