15+ Flow Resources to Optimize Your Holiday Email Strategy

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Triggered emails. What are they? They’re automated marketing messages based on a subscriber’s behaviors. They’re timely and relevant making them inherently effective, especially around the holidays. And because the holidays begin TOMORROW, I wanted to provide our best content to help you yield the best results possible.

To ensure that we’re providing you with the best content on all our triggered flows, I took a look at our data to see which one our customers kept coming back to for help. Here are the best resources for our welcome series, abandoned cart, browse abandoned, and win-back flows.

Make a good first impression with a welcome series

3 great welcome email ideas for your ecommerce store

Our most searched piece of content on welcome emails, our co-founder Ed Hallen gives you three welcome email ideas that will help you build your brand, reward your customers, and bring customers back. Learn from brands such as Bonobos, Bumble and Bumble, and Harry’s.

Revamp your welcome series

Looking to revamp your welcome series? Marissa teaches you how to revamp your welcome series by experimenting with your send time, content, and testing your subject lines.

4 top converting welcome emails (with the data to prove it)

Alicia looks at our data to determine what separates a top performing email from an average one. On top of that, she provides examples from four of our customers who are sending top performing welcome emails.

Why welcome emails matter [11 real life examples]

Not sure why you should be sending a welcome email? Ott dives into how they drive significantly more transactions AND revenue when compared to “normal” promotional or even informational emails. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, he provides 11 real life examples.

When to send your welcome series

Knowing exactly when to send these emails is tricky. Marissa dives into the timing of your welcome series emails. She talks about the two primary factors: how many emails there are in your series, and your industry. We recommend sending…

Recover revenue with an abandoned cart flow

Abandoned cart benchmark report

Our most searched piece of content on abandoned carts. This post analyzes nearly three thousand US-based Klaviyo customers sent out 3,127 distinct abandoned cart messages to more than 9 million email addresses to give you a completely interactive benchmark report on everything about abandoned carts.

Abandoned cart emails: strategy and timing for rescuing ecommerce sales

We looked closely at the strategy for rescuing ecommerce sales through abandoned carts. There are some great examples in there, so check it out.

Abandoned cart flow Shopify

Is your store on Shopify? Are you having a tough time setting up your cart in Klaviyo? No problem, Marissa will show you step-by-step how to create an abandoned cart for Shopify in Klaviyo.

17 helpful abandoned cart tips for ecommerce marketers

Our 4th most searched, Diana dug in and gave our readers 17 actionable tips to help you get the most from your abandoned cart series. Some tips include discount timing, what to do with images, and subject line best practices.

15 abandoned cart best practices

Marissa provides us with 15 tips that will help everyone send great abandoned cart emails. Like did you know that you should ALWAYS include images of your products? You’re welcome.

Increase retention with a win-back series

A deep dive into creating a high performing win-back campaign

Our most searched post on win-back emails, I took a look at all our win-back emails sent in Q2 of 2017 and analyzed them to see what the best performing win-back campaigns were doing. I looked at everything from subject lines to the content.

3 types of win-back emails

While the goal of win-back emails is the same, that doesn’t mean you should only rely on one kind of win-back. Marissa covers the three types of win-back emails you should keep in mind when making your win-back series.

How to win back inactive customers

Re-activating inactive customers can be tough. Marissa talks about how to bring those inactive customers back to your site. She goes over everything from knowing your audience, prioritization, and the content of your win-back emails.

4 Ways to Segment Your Win-Back Series

Looking to get a bit more sophisticated? Check out this guide to the four ways to segment your win-backs, like by how much a customer has spent in the past or the amount of time they’ve spent on your site. Aren’t you curious to find out what the other two are?

When to send your win-back series

Timing is everything, especially for re-engaging your audience. This post looks at determining what send time is right for your business.

Remind them what they’re missing out on with a browse abandonment flow

Ecommerce stores that use browse abandonment (and what you can learn from them)

Is your ecommerce store using browse abandonment emails? If not, you’re neglecting an additional revenue stream for your shop. In this post, Alicia looks at two ecommerce stores that are having success with browse abandonment emails and gives you some actionable takeaways.

Everything you need to know about a browse abandonment email

After looking at over 1000 browse abandonment emails sent to over 1M people, this piece uncovers a number of best practices to help bring browsers back to your store to purchase.

The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Browse Abandonment Emails

Deciding what to include in your browse abandonment emails can be a little trickier than it is for some of the other best practice emails you send. Here are 5 do’s and dont’s when crafting your browse abandonment emails.

A/B tests you should run on your browse abandonment emails

You might not know what works best for your customer base. For example, do they like emoji’s or would they rather receive a personalized browse abandonment email? This is where A/B testing can help. Alicia provides 8 different tests you can run on your browse abandonment emails with some examples to help you get started.

5 audiences you should target with your browse abandonment emails

Every shopper is different. Some might be first time visitors while others might be your most loyal customers. Do you think you should treat those two the same? Of course not. Marissa provides 5 audiences you should target along with the type of messaging you should send.


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