WooCommerce + Klaviyo

WooCommerce merchants drive 46X average ROI* with Klaviyo

How? Klaviyo’s extension consolidates data from across your tech, making it easy to streamline personalized email and SMS, product reviews, and more to drive revenue.

13,000+ WooCommerce merchants grow with Klaviyo

It’s your data. Use it well.

Our extension for WooCommerce includes pre-built behaviors and metadata (like value, variant name, quantity, and discount codes). Use this data to build powerful campaigns, flows, and reports.

Pre-built ecommerce behaviors include:

  • Active on site
  • Ordered product
  • Fulfilled order
  • Placed order
  • Refunded orders
  • Started checkout

Personalization quickly paid off. With Klaviyo, we were able to better target customers and our average order value jumped 67% year on year.

Riad Afyouni
Marketing director, Born Interactive

Streamline your marketing and get stronger results

When you integrate your WooCommerce store with Klaviyo, you can work smarter, not harder—getting the most out of every customer interaction.

With Klaviyo, everything works together:

Guide your growth

You’re not on your own with Klaviyo. We offer a variety of tools and support options to keep you focused on your goals.

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*The top 75th percentile of all paying WooCommerce accounts throughout 2023 (no free accounts)