3 Easy Ways to Tailor Your Website to Your Visitors

3 Easy Ways to Tailor Your Website to Your Visitors

It’s no wonder the average ecommerce store has a 20-45 percent bounce rate; even if you have what they’re looking for, it’s too easy for customers to wander off before seeing it. The good news is that you can show them products and information that are tailored to them — and help nudge them to purchase!

Check out these three ideas for how you can create a more relevant shopping experience for your visitors by personalizing their experience on your website.

1 | Geo-target customers with accurate information

Your free domestic shipping promotion isn’t going to drive any international sales. Why not use that space on your site for something that will?

You can target visitors with different site content based on their location. This is an easy way to make sure each person only sees information that is useful for them. This could include shipping information, language translations, or even different seasonal offers.

You can use Klaviyo forms’ geo-targeting to swap out content based on visitor location. In the example below, we have different shipping details for domestic and international visitors.

3 Easy Ways to Tailor Your Website to Your Visitors

2 | Convert returning holiday shoppers

In this holiday season, customers are often shopping around for gift ideas. Rather than looking for a specific item, many are looking for an idea to spark the perfect gift. This is a great opportunity to show them why your products are exactly what they’re looking for.

A gift guide is a great way to showcase your new and most exciting products. For inspiration, we’ve seen a few great gift guides here and here. It can be as simple as creating a new category tag in your store or creating a standalone gift recommendation page.

You can then promote your gift guide to visitors who purchased last holiday season and are back again. Here’s how you can set that up in Klaviyo:

  • First create a segment of 2017 November and December purchasers who haven’t been active on your site since last year.
  • Then create a Klaviyo popup to with a link to your gift guide.
  • Finally, target your popup to only appear to that segment of last year’s holiday customers.

3 Easy Ways to Tailor Your Website to Your Visitors

Whenever one of these past purchasers visits your website this season, they’ll now have an easy way to get gift ideas!

3 | Promote cross-sell items

Looking to build repeat purchasers and increase customer lifetime value? Customers who have bought your core products in the past are a fantastic audience to promote related or add-on items.

Similar to the example above, you can build segments of customers based on key items they’ve purchased. Then you can build onsite content to showcase the other products you have that they might be interested in.

For example, a kitchen supply store could target recent dutch oven purchasers with a suggestion for a recipe book. The example below is the flyout that they would see on the site:

3 Easy Ways to Tailor Your Website to Your Visitors

If you sell replenishable products, you can also use this to promote products they’ve purchased but didn’t renew. For example, if you sell coffee beans, you might target past purchasers with a popup to spark them to renew their supplies.

This is just the tip of iceberg when it comes to building truly personalized experiences for your visitors. The more you tailor each experience, the more you’ll be able to drive down your site bounce rate…and drive up sales.

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