Use Date and Dropdown Inputs to Learn About Customers

As we’ve said before, knowing more about your subscribers feeds directly into your ability to personalize your outreach to them. Two weeks ago, we added checkboxes and radio buttons in signup forms to help you learn more about your subscribers at signup.

This week, we’ve added two additional signup form inputs to capture more data from your visitors: a date input and a dropdown input.

Capture subscriber birthdays with ease

With the recent release of date-based flows, it’s never been easier to setup a personalized email centered around a subscriber’s birthday. Of course, you’ll need to know your subscriber’s birthday in the first place!

We’ve made it simple to add a date input to your signup forms to capture visitor’s birthdays or any other special date. Just like the other new signup form inputs, you can add it with the drag and drop editor and start collecting dates in no time. When a visitor fills out the form, the entry will be submitted as a date profile property which you can then use to trigger date-based flows and build segments.

Learn from your subscribers with dropdowns

Asking visitors a few key questions when they sign up can help you customize their entire experience with your brand. Simple questions such as “How often do you want to stay in touch?” can help ensure you’re communicating with them at the right cadence and not drowning them in regular newsletters.

To help gather more information from signups, we’ve added dropdowns as another tool in your signup form toolkit. Just like radio button inputs, you can easily add a dropdown to a form and leverage the data in other areas of Klaviyo.

Feedback always appreciated!

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