Personalize Signup Forms with Location Targeting

two cards one with American flag and baseball one with EU flag and soccer ball to signify location targeting

Isn’t it amazing that your business has a storefront that can be visited by people from all around the world? Whether you’re just starting to expand geographies or you’re a seasoned global seller, you want to make sure that your international visitors have the right information and a personalized experience.

To make it easier to personalize your signup forms for visitors in different countries, including countries under GDPR oversight, we’ve added support for location targeting in the signup form builder.

Target countries and regions with signup forms

In the signup form builder, you can now easily target visitors depending on the country or region they’re visiting from. This new setting uses the visitor’s IP address to determine their location when they visit your site.

If you have GDPR compliant forms on your site, it’s now easy to target those forms to just visitors from the European Union. This is important because GDPR compliant forms include more inputs to gather explicit consent and exclude an incentive for signing up – both of which can inhibit signups from non-EU visitors! With this new setting you can have two signup forms on your site: one targeted to just EU visitors and another targeted to the non-EU visitors.

In addition to GDPR compliance, you can use the location targeting feature to make sure your forms offer the right incentives based on the visitor’s geographic location. For example, as a US-based seller, you may offer free shipping for signup to your US-based visitors, but offer something else to international visitors.

Also, if a large share of your visitors come from two countries with different languages, you may want to target visitors from each country with translated content in the form.


Stay tuned for more updates to make it easier to target your signup forms. As always, let us know your ideas or feedback by sending an email to with the subject line, “I have an idea!”

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