Save Time and Money Without Sacrificing Sophistication: How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Brands Use Klaviyo

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Some of the world’s most recognized retail brands choose to build their online storefront with Salesforce Commerce Cloud as their ecommerce platform of choice. Why? Many have told me it’s because of the speed, flexibility, and ability to scale that Commerce Cloud offers.  

These well-known brands are growing fast and they’re doing it on the world stage, after all, so they need an ecommerce platform that can handle their growth. Makes sense, right? 

But many marketers at these fast-growing brands have found that connecting their preferred marketing software to their Commerce Cloud store hasn’t always been as simple and straightforward as they’d like it to be. 

In fact, many have said that doing so has required significant investments from multiple departments within their business, plus the help of third-party system integrators (SIs). 

Delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time through the right channels is the mission of every marketer. But it can sometimes take a lot of effort to do that effectively. 

Technology is the great enabler of our time, and it can enable you to have an even greater impact on your brand’s growth when it works fast and effectively with the other tools you use to run your online business. With Klaviyo’s new integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (the Klaviyo cartridge is available in the Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace), brands can finally deliver unique experiences to their customers based on their behavioral data, in a much faster and simpler way.

“We couldn’t be happier. Klaviyo is so intuitive and easy to use, even for advanced campaigns. It’s eliminated inefficiencies that existed with our previous marketing platform and has allowed easier collaboration between our international marketing teams, saving us time and making our marketing campaigns even more impactful,” said Lindy Rich, vice president of marketing, Stance.

"We couldn't be happier. Klaviyo is so intuitive and easy to use, even for advanced campaigns. It's eliminated inefficiencies that existed with our previous marketing platform and has allowed easier collaboration between our international marketing teams, saving us time and making our marketing campaigns even more impactful."

Lindy Rich, vice president of marketing, Stance

Why there’s no place for the status quo to fall short 

One thing I’ve heard from brands that use Salesforce Commerce Cloud for their ecommerce platform? Legacy marketing automation platforms require lots of time and budget, from both internal and external teams, to integrate.

Too often, marketers say that after they’ve put so many resources toward integrating one of these marketing platforms with their ecommerce store, they find out that it was never actually designed with commerce, itself, in mind. 

Those marketing automation platforms then fail to properly ingest and store ecommerce data, which means that marketers have to continuously turn to developers and SIs to accomplish projects like configuring your abandoned carts to pass through to your marketing automation platform, or updating your customer’s profiles with data like reviews or loyalty points on an ongoing basis. 

Talk about a drain on resources, let alone the inefficiencies. With worldwide ecommerce sales topping $4 trillion last year and with no slow down in sight, this outdated model clearly no longer works for most businesses. 

Marketers at fast-growing, modern companies who are setting their brands up for today’s sales and tomorrow’s longevity demand some critical things from their marketing automation software. 

  • It has to deliver value quickly. 
  • It has to be easy to use. 
  • It has to help you consolidate the other tools you’re already using. 
  • It has to be priced competitively. 

And it has to meet these criteria while also offering the sophistication that the largest ecommerce brands need to support a booming business. 

Enter Klaviyo’s Commerce Cloud cartridge. 

How Klaviyo’s Commerce Cloud cartridge goes well beyond status quo

Here’s a closer look at what the status quo looks like for the requirements I mentioned, plus an overview of how Klaviyo’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud stacks up. 

How quickly will you see value?

Once all of a brand’s stakeholders have given the green light to implement a new marketing automation platform, most cartridges take three to nine months to go live. 

Why? Because they’re only partially complete when you download them. SIs still need to build out the cartridge’s basic functionality and then configure it to a brand’s unique needs. 

Klaviyo’s certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge is fully integrated by SIs and ready to go live within two to three weeks—all while supporting whatever way you push code, including SFRA and Sitegenesis. 

How is this possible? 

Klaviyo built and maintains all aspects of the integration in-house. The cartridge handles real-time data, while back-end connections sync historical and catalog data.

In turn, this data is used to enable Klaviyo’s suite of automations—audience segmentation, email and SMS campaigns (and flows), no code sign-up forms, predictive analytics, and more—all out of the box. 

Instead of requiring SIs to build the basic functions that every ecommerce store needs and to customize the experience for the brand’s unique needs, their time and focus can remain solely dedicated to the latter.

“The Klaviyo platform is user-friendly and fast to integrate. Leveraging Klaviyo’s modern API, we’re able to quickly connect with all the insights provided by Salesforce Commerce Cloud to develop personalized triggers, flows, and content,” said Ali Ahmed, founder, Imagination Media.

"The Klaviyo platform is user-friendly and fast to integrate. Leveraging Klaviyo’s modern API, we’re able to quickly connect with all the insights provided by Salesforce Commerce Cloud to develop personalized triggers, flows, and content."

Ali Ahmed, founder, Imagination Media


How easy is it to use?

Getting access to customer data can be an enormous challenge for marketers—at least, that’s the case for marketers who aren’t yet using Klaviyo.

Say you’re one of those marketers, for example. If you want to trigger an automation based on someone’s website activity or purchase history, you may need to collaborate with your technical team in advance to configure new tables in your ecommerce platform and map them to predefined fields in your marketing automation platform. 

You’d need someone to transform the data that comes in, flatten it into rows and columns, write SQL against these tables, and then painstakingly map the fields to the right automations—a process that often takes months.  

When you update your commerce environment, many times these mappings break or new fields get dropped. 

Say you want to make some changes to your website, for example, capturing a new field of information during your checkout process. You must now map that new field to your marketing software, but doing so may break the mapping you previously spent so much time and effort putting in place.

This causes many headaches, additional overhead, and wasted time and effort.

Klaviyo, in contrast, houses all your customer data and rolls everything up into a user’s profile without the need to pre-define profile properties or application programming interface (API) events in-advance. 

That means you won’t need to worry about querying multiple databases, developing data mappings, and creating new tables. 

All of your customer data is readily accessible through an easy-to-use user interface (UI), which means personalization and segmentation takes seconds, not days. 

How does this help you consolidate your tools?

Despite using expensive (and often hard to implement) marketing software, most Commerce Cloud brands still don’t have a holistic view of their customer. 

Often, marketers use point solutions, or specialized software, for certain things like transactional messages (like order confirmations), marketing emails, SMS marketing, identity resolution (i.e., people who’ve visited your site previously), onsite pop-ups, or behavioral automations (i.e., automated messages that trigger based on someone’s behavior on your site). 

Klaviyo’s robust feature set ensures you have no need to seek out multiple third-party point solutions. 

Instead, all the unique data you need about your customers from your most important sales and marketing channels are available to you at your fingertips, which you can then use to deliver timely personalized messages that take the entire customer journey into account.

How does the pricing compare?

Most legacy marketing automation platforms are two times more expensive than Klaviyo and they lock you into a multi-year contract. 

In addition to a platform fee, there are often extra costs to add features, like a Customer Data Platform (CDP), and overage costs for exceeding predefined limits (think API usage). 

Customers who use these marketing automation platforms say they’re used to seeing lots of line items on their bill.

What’s more, the total cost gets even higher when you factor in additional point solutions that you’ll need in order to compensate for deficiencies in the outdated marketing platform that wasn’t built with commerce in mind.

The current software partnership model is broken, and brands deserve better. 

Instead, Klaviyo consistently strives to earn your business, so we offer flexible month-to-month pricing (or more long-term agreements, if you’d prefer) that don’t come hidden with platform fees or base commitments. 

Beyond more flexible and transparent pricing terms, the entire Klaviyo platform is available out of the box. That means you don’t have to worry about incremental costs accruing because you use advanced features. 

Brands that use Klaviyo with their Commerce Cloud store save money without sacrificing any of the power and flexibility that enterprise marketing software solutions are known for.

What’s next?

There’s no need to wait for the renewal period of your current marketing automation platform to come up. 

Learn how you can save time and money for your Commerce Cloud store without sacrificing any of the sophistication you need from your marketing automation software.

Set up a call with Klaviyo to learn more and share these integration documents with your SI to see what they think. 

Want to see your brand’s real data in a development environment as part of your evaluation? We can certainly do that so you can see for yourself just how powerful Klaviyo can be with your Commerce Cloud store. 

See what Klaviyo can do for your Commerce Cloud business today.

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