Tech Partner Showcase 1: Capture First-Party Data with QR Codes Using Klaviyo and Brij Apps Together

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June 5, 2023

Klaviyo partner co-author blog is a collaborative medium platform where third-party apps that have built an integration with Klaviyo contribute insights on how to make the best of two integrations working in tandem.
This blog aims to highlight the benefits, challenges, and best practices when using Klaviyo and third-party app tools. This recipe will provide a unique perspective by bringing together perspectives of both platform co-authors, and more of a well-rounded view of integration possibilities, implementation strategies, use-cases and  results.
The primary goal of this co-author blog is to educate readers about Klaviyo partners, share practical solutions, and exchange knowledge across different communities.


In this blog post, we’ll show you how integrating Klaviyo and Brij  apps can take your marketing and business communication to the next level by providing practical use-cases, tips and best practices on utilizing both apps together to make the best out of the use experience for the brand’s consumers.



Klaviyo is a data-driven automation platform that gives business owners direct ownership of communication with their customers through different channels such as email, sms, push token notifications.

Brij is a QR Code Experience platform helping brands with having a connected experience across all the channels that they sell through. There is a lot a merchant can do with Brij’s QR code experiences.
One of the use-cases would be helping merchants capture their 1st party data, pass it to Klaviyo and automate flows/segments to drive reorder of the products. 

Merchants can effortlessly generate aesthetically pleasing and engaging QR code campaigns, tailored to their customers’ needs. To make it less time-consuming on brands, Brij app provides a variety of already pre-built designed templates for users to utilize for campaigns.
Additionally, Brij provides tracking functionality, helping brands to get some insights regarding campaign performance and their consumer behavior.
When using both of the integrations Klaviyo and Brij together, it becomes a lot more efficient to reach out to the customers using the appropriate communication channels and make the brand experience a lot more user-friendly and seamless by implementing QR codes.
With Klaviyo’s segmentation feature, customers can create targeted email/sms campaigns or flows based on customer actions and purchase history.
Another way of implementing Brij and Klaviyo together would be getting the report of the  audience engagement, trends, customer behavior and preferences, which then helps target customers on a personalized basis.


To get started with Brij and Klaviyo, you first need to create an account with both platforms.
Once you have both accounts set up, you can add Klaviyo integration from your UI.


  • In your dashboard, go to Settings and select Integration.
  • Find “Klaviyo” in the list of integrations and click on it.
  • Connect your Klaviyo account by entering your API key .
  • Choose the event data you’d like to sync between and Klaviyo
  • Customize how data is synced between the two platforms by selecting one of these options: tags, lists, custom fields.

The whole process should take you about 15 minutes to complete. Here is the video going over the steps for setting up Klaviyo on Brij’s UI:

Watch Video

Once you enable your Brij account and connect it to Klaviyo, you should be all set!
There is no additional step on Klaviyo’s end that you’d need to take in order to ensure the integration is working.
Once the above steps are executed from Brij’s UI side, the contact information, metrics, properties will be directly synced to Klaviyo.
With that, you can easily create segments and automatically trigger flows when someone gives you their email through Brij.


There is so much data you can capture and customize in Klaviyo UI that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.
Merchants can use Brij for data capture down to the SKU or unit level, product registration, reorder, subscription opt-in and so on.
Let’s take a look at the examples below:
Once your Brij and Klaviyo integrations are working in sync, you can see the following metrics being ingested from Brij.

Besides those primary metrics displayed on screenshot above, Brij app can also pass the following data to Klaviyo:

  • Warranty completion 
  • Warranty confirmation
  • Warranty incomplete

There is a lot you can do with those metrics.
For example, you can set up a warranty completion confirmation email flow, or warranty incomplete flow reminding customers to come back to finish their registration.
One of the most frequently used flows are metric-based flow, where the recipient will be queued up once the Brij Registration has been submitted. The recipient will have a profile updated automatically and an email will be sent out in 5 minutes after the registration submission.
This is what the skeleton of the flow would look like:

If you have a business which has to deal with the warranty information/confirmation/distribution/educating the customer, then Brij/Klaviyo would be a perfect route for you to take.
Here are the additional types of flows you can build/ automate and customize in Klaviyo displayed in the screenshot below:

Brij syncs a list of profiles with all the necessary property data to Klaviyo who have registered a product, signed up for warranty, initiated registration, registration approval, etc.
Note that without Brij, it wouldn’t be possible to find out who those recipients are.

Another way to utilize Brij’s information in Klaviyo is by segmenting profiles based on the information you’d like to target. For example, we can create a segment of profiles who are the most recent customer, that way we can provide all the necessary information to them.
This is what the template segment would look like:

Once the segment has been created, you can either send a one time campaign or automate a flow, depending on what your goal is.
One of the most frequently used segments that merchants use is identifying the customers who have been approved a registration by type and then target them from there.


Klaviyo’s reporting tool can provide granular details of the recipient, flow, campaign, email, sms, segment, performance depending on what the goal is.
You can pretty much find out any type of information you want by breaking down the data by report type, conversion metric and groups.
Klaviyo has 5 different pre-built reports you can utilize or start from scratch on your own.
They are: 

Here are some examples below:

Once you run the report and save it , you can schedule the same one you set up on a weekly cadence as well as export a csv doc to showcase to your team.
For additional information, check out how you can customize your analytics experience.


By leveraging Brij and Klaviyo platforms, customers can save time on manual tasks, update the customers quickly and tailor communication to specific purposes.
Brij’s data that gets ingested to Klaviyo and Klaviyo’s automation tools such as flows and segments, enhance customer engagement and helps merchants target specific goals better.
Through Brij’s dynamic QR code, brands can trigger personalized email campaigns in Klaviyo, resulting in higher engagement, conversions, and fast communication with the customer. 


How can I track the success of my campaigns? provides reports on event data such as:

  • Registrations
  • Revenue generated by customers who give you their email
  • Klaviyo reports on how many people are in these various flows 

What does reporting look like for Brij and Klaviyo?
Check out these resources:

Can I track the performance of my QR code campaigns within Klaviyo?
The integration between Klaviyo and enables you to track and analyze the performance of your QR code campaigns, including metrics such as click-through rates, conversions, and customer engagement.

Can I customize the QR code campaigns created in before integrating them with Klaviyo?
Yes, offers customization options, allowing you to personalize QR code campaigns with images, videos, and GIFs.
You can tailor those campaigns to align with your audience.

Can I automate my email campaigns based on QR code interactions using Klaviyo and
Absolutely. The integration allows for automated email workflows triggered by specific QR code interactions, enabling you to send customized emails/sms based on the customer interactions with QR codes.

Are there additional costs associated with integrating Klaviyo and together?
Klaviyo and are separate platforms, each with its own pricing structure. It’s important to review the pricing details of each platform to understand any potential additional costs associated with utilizing both services together. For more information, check out this help-center to find out more about Klaviyo, and this link to learn more about

Who can benefit from using and Klaviyo together?
Omnichannel businesses looking to enhance their channels of communication. Ecommerce businesses who are looking to grow their email marketing lists and connect with customers who have purchased through 3rd party channels

How can Brij and Klaviyo help boost sales?
By sending targeted and personalized messages to customers based on their behavior. Sending custom upsell and cross-sell emails based on the specific product a customer initially purchased and QR code they scanned.

What if I don’t have technical expertise?
Both, and Klaviyo have a user-friendly UI and have support teams as well as external docs that can help you get started.

The End

This blog has been co-authored by Charlotte Thorndike, Chief of Staff at Brij; Brad Zomick, Head of Marketing at Brij; and Nina Ephremidze, Partner Solutions Architect at Klaviyo.


If you’d like to speak to an expert and learn more about Brij and Klaviyo, please reach out to at Brij or at Klaviyo

Nina Ephremidze