Klaviyo’s Multi-step Forms: Shake Up Your Sign Ups & Know Your Subscribers Better

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Imagine you’re meeting someone for the first time. What do you think would happen if, during your initial conversation, you peppered the other person with an endless list of questions without taking a breath? 

What’s your name? Do you live in the area? What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have a pet? What do you do for work? Do you like it? What’re your parents’ names? 

Their eyes would probably glaze over, they’d probably forget the first question you asked, and they’d quickly lose interest in continuing on with the introduction completely. 

Why? Because a conversation that builds genuine relationships is an equal exchange: You ask a question, receive an answer, and then ask another related question or share some tidbits about yourself. And so on. 

A signup form is like that first chat you have when you’re meeting someone new. The easier you make it for potential subscribers to share information about themselves, the better your relationship will be with them. 

You heard about Multi-step Forms during the recent Klaviyo Product Event. Keep reading to learn how Multi-step Forms can provide you with the information you need to make smart multi-channel marketing decisions and leave your customers with a positive first impression. 

Why uniting your marketing channels matters

There are so many ways your audience can interact with you—through your website, paid ads, emails, or the text messages you send (to name a few). It’s important they encounter a cohesive, well-thought out experience at each touch point.

For a lot of marketers, that’s easier said than done. Many businesses use a variety of tools to manage each of their marketing channels, like email and SMS, for example.  

The problem with this approach is three-fold. It becomes difficult to: 

  • Accurately track which channel was responsible for a sale
  • Simultaneously grow both your email and SMS list 
  • Customize your customer journey so each step feels like a natural extension of the others

When you partner with a marketing automation platform, like Klaviyo, that consolidates your tools and brings the management of multiple channels under one roof, you can coordinate your communications so your subscribers feel like they’re a part of a well-choreographed dance. 

Want an example? Look no further… 

Say hello to Multi-step Forms

Like the initial conversation you have with a new acquaintance, a signup form is your opportunity to get to know the people who want to subscribe to your lists for the first time.

So it’s high time to ask for more than just an email address or a phone number. 

But how do you accomplish that without overwhelming people with a massive list of form fields?

The answer: Multi-step Forms. These user-friendly forms break down traditional signup forms into a few sequential stages so you can stagger the questions you ask. 

This format gives the people interacting with your signup forms the option to answer only the questions they want to provide responses for—in a streamlined and approachable manner. 

That way, your audience feels empowered, and you gain the information you need to understand your subscribers on a deeper level. 

Aided with these insights, you can, in turn, deliver more value through the personalized messages you send in the future. 

Multi-channel marketing made easy

Klaviyo’s Multi-step Forms not only remove roadblocks for the people signing up to your lists, but they also help clear your path towards multi-channel marketing success. 

Here are some ways Multi-step Forms can help you step up your marketing game across email and SMS: 

Grow your email and SMS lists, without sacrificing form submission rate.

Text messages are becoming a popular medium for sending promotional messages because of their high levels of engagement—it’s some people’s preferred method of communication.

In one step, you can collect your audience’s email address and in the following one, you can ask if they’d also like to sign up to receive texts, giving you a greater likelihood of reaching your subscribers on the channel they favor.

Plus, if you capture their email address on the first step of the form, but then they don’t want to sign up for texts or complete additional steps, it won’t negatively affect your email submission rate.

Easily gather SMS consent.

Before you can text your audience, you first need to collect express consent from each person on your SMS list. With Multi-step Forms, you can quickly capture SMS consent from your subscribers by letting them sign up on their phones in a mere two stepsthrough Klaviyo’s click-to-text feature. 

Discover what makes your subscribers tick.

Personalization is one of the best tools you have to make your marketing messages stand out from other brands vying for your audience’s attention. 

Using Multi-step Forms, you can ask questions that’ll help you learn more about the people who are signing up to your lists (i.e., when their birthday is, what products they’re interested in, what kind of messages they’d like to receive).     

The responses you collect will help you drive engagement through the tailored messages you send—turning subscribers into customers and customers into lifetime advocates.

Give your subscribers the chance to share what’s important to them 

Signup forms are a valuable tool that allow you to grow your subscriber base, while simultaneously accumulating the information you need to make smarter and more customized marketing decisions.

But it’s important to think about them from the perspective of your audience, too—because it’s their opinion that truly matters.

If you make the sign-up experience intuitive and conversation-like for your future subscribers using Klaviyo’s Multi-step Forms, they’ll walk away with a positive opinion of your business and you’ll get those precious customer insights you’re after. Talk about a win-win.  

Want to learn more about what makes for a dazzling signup form? Check out what’s working for 80,000 other ecommerce brands. 

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