Introducing Solution Recipes

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Developer recipes
May 13, 2021

Since we’ll soon be releasing our first “Solution Recipe” here, I wanted to introduce the team behind it and detail the types of topics we expect to cover.

“Solution Recipes” are written by the Solution Architect team at Klaviyo. Our team works with a small percentage of prospective and existing customers, alongside our sales & customer success teams, as customer-facing engineers. We use these engagements as an opportunity to learn, prototype, and, well, ship stuff. We look for interesting problems and aim for solutions that are extensible and reusable. We believe simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible.

Some examples of things we’ve built include: modular packages of code that make extracting data from, or importing data into, Klaviyo easy; templated workflows (e.g. “cloud formations”) that customers use to get webhook data into Klaviyo; reusable Javascript snippets that extend the functionality of website tracking; a library of custom functions for importing data via API into Google Sheets; and more. We’ll cover these types of topics in what we call “Solution Recipes”.

Solution Recipes are tutorials to achieve specific objectives in Klaviyo. They can also help you master Klaviyo, learn new third-party technologies, and come up with creative ideas. They are written mainly for developers & technically-advanced users. Check out our first one here.

Klaviyo’s mission is to empower creators to own their destiny. Our objective with this publication is to share our own creativity to help in this mission. Hope you enjoy it!

David Henriquez