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Marketing technology has been growing like an invasive species. Just take a look at Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape. In 2016 the graph grew so much that it was renamed a “Supergraphic.”

There are likely products for problems you never even considered your business might have.

Sure, you could jump to the box labeled “Ecommerce Marketing” and “Ecommerce Platforms & Carts,” but what about the other critical pillars of your marketing plan, like social monitoring and analytics?

After some long hours of research, talking to customers, and years of testing tools, we dove into the Marketing Technology Supergraphic and called out a few of the tools we believe are exceptional, especially for ecommerce.

Ecommerce Analytics

Google Analytics will always be a fabulous tool. As we dig deeper into learning about our website visitors and their behaviors, Google Analytics does have some limitations into how much information you can glean from the data source.

These tools take your analytics to the next level:



While Google Analytics is telling you what’s happening on your website, KissMetrics can inform you on who is coming to your website and where they are coming from. We love their reporting — it’s easy to read and get setup. They even have a solution dedicated specifically to ecommerce.



Crazy Egg is a neat tool that makes heatmaps of your website to better understand how visitors are engaging with your site. Or as they say, “Crazy Egg is like a pair of x-ray glasses that lets you see exactly what people are doing on your website.”

This tool provides a great look at the elements of your website which are broken, where visitors are abandoning your site, and a heat map they call “Confetti,” which gives you a breakdown of referral sources and where they’re clicking on your site. They also offer a free trial so you can test out the features.

Social Media Monitoring & Scheduling

In the last few years a ton of great social tools have entered the race.

Here are a few we give top marks:


Sprout Social

This is one of the social monitoring and publishing tools we recently implemented at Klaviyo. I personally love that SproutSocial not only allows us to schedule and monitor, but also has the ability to assign tasks to other teams within the company. As we continue to grow we could use Sprout to field incoming messages related to support issues or even within the marketing team.

For an ecommerce business, we know this would be a helpful tool to maximize time and keep a close eye on the conversations customers are having surrounding their brands.



Hootsuite is awesome for managing multiple feeds and monitoring social media. They offer a free plan which allows for up to three different social media accounts to be connected – if you’re just getting started with social media this is a great deal. The tool also monitors third party site likes Yelp and Foursquare, great for those with brick-and-mortar locations.



Buffer stands out from the crowd with their integration with Pinterest, feeds which suggest what to share, and the ability to share to multiple channels at once. Regardless of which tool you choose, we highly recommend following Buffer’s blog as it is chock-full of excellent articles on social media marketing.

It was a tight race between all three of the social tools mentioned on this list when it came to deciding which tool we would use at Klaviyo.

Landing Pages



If you’ve ever tried to build a landing page without developers skills you know what a challenge it can be. Unbounce is a tool that lets you easily create beautiful mobile responsive landing pages that you can then publish and A/B test. They also provide 85 free templates and have a library of over 200 to choose from so you don’t have to feel like a deer in headlights when it comes to design.

Forms & Surveys



Another great tool for those who don’t have a developer on hand or want to do it themself, is Wufoo. This tool allows you to make and share forms, surveys and online invitations. We use it internally and like how fast we are able to whip up a nice looking form.

Growing an Email List



Many of our customers rave about using Privy to grow their email lists. One of Privy’s standout features is exit intent, which can allow for a website to detect when someone is about to leave a page and presents them with an event (like a pop up) to engage them with an offer. They also offer intelligent offer creation which can request a signup in return for a discount or offer.

Growing Website Traffic



SumoMe has a suite of tools geared around increasing traffic to your site. We’re particularly impressed with their Scroll Box feature which allows for a polite pop up to slide in as a visitor approaches the bottom of the page. Other tools to check out include Smart Share Buttons and their Highlighter tool, which allows visitors to highlight and share their favorite parts of your content.

Marketing Automation

Klaviyo Dashboard


We might be partial, but we think Klaviyo is pretty fantastic for ecommerce marketers. Klaviyo enables marketers to send relevant and engaging marketing messages, like email, by giving marketers the ability to segment their customers and to better understand them by bringing all the data they have together in one place.

Integrating Instagram


AuthentiPix (formerly Instagration)

For those who use Shopify for their ecommerce site, AuthentiPix is an app that integrates your Instagram feed onto your website. It’s a great way to showcase your beautiful Instagram feed or to highlight a hashtag related to your brand. For $10/month, it’s a bargain.

Bonus: Chrome Plugin for Marketing Sleuths



File this sneaky Chrome Plugin under marketing super sleuth. While not in the Marketing Technology Supergraphic, it’s a piece of tech not to miss. BuiltWith is a Chrome plugin that allows you to see what technology is installed on any site. Curious what your competitors are using on their site? Give BuiltWith a spin and finally answer those lingering questions of, how are they doing that?!

On a tight budget? Check out this guide from Buffer on free marketing tools.

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