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Marketing automation: discover how to personalise more with less

Marketing automation can help you achieve personalisation at scale—if you know how and when to use it. Learn what you need to have in place before you launch your automations program and the core four to implement right away, according to experts.

4 reasons ecommerce brands use automations as part of their marketing strategy

Brands are always looking for more ways to engage with their customers and build loyalty. Here are ways marketing automation solves for this:

Messages that feel like a 1:1 experience

What should marketing efforts aim to be, above anything else? Relevant. Automations allow you to send messages that are tailored to subscribers’ unique shopping interests.

Personalisation, no matter the size of your business

The magic of automation is that your technology is carrying the bulk of the lift. The end customer experiences your one:many content as relevant and interesting—like it’s been specially crafted just for them.

Teams can do more with less resources

It frees up your team from investing time and effort into monotonous, repetitive tasks and contributes to employee productivity and retention.

It benefits your bottom line

For every dollar spent, marketing automation returns $5.44 over the first 3 years with a payback period in under 6 months.

How do you lay a strong marketing automation foundation?

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